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gba photo cameraGBA Mini Digital Photo Camera

With the GBA Mini Camera you can transform your Gameboy Advance handheld into a digital camera. The 8MB built-in flash memory allows you to store up to 26 pictures (with resolution 640x480 pixel), which can be reviewed and later downloaded to your PC via the included USB cable.

Product Features

  • Built-in 8MB memory capacity
  • Save up to 26 photographs
  • 640x480 pixel resolution
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Picture review function (delete and view photos taken)
  • Download pictures to your PC via USB cable

GAMEBOY micro - mini GBA new

gameboy micro miniGBM comes with a Backlit Mini Screen with Adjustable Screen Brightness levels. Micro Size - Mini Weight three times lighter than iPod mini. Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery and it Plays all GBA Games world-wide. Features Swappable face plate for design customization.


What's in the box

GBA Mini Camera
USB cable

gba mini camera

Thats me making a photo of my brothers Gameboy with my GBA Camrea

gameboy minicam photobook software

using USB cable and Mini Cam PhotoBook software (included) upload the pictures to PC


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