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gba to tv adapterGBA to TV Adapter / Converter

Also Known As:
GBA2TV :: TV de Advance :: GBA-TV Convertor

Play all Gameboy Advance games right on your TV set. Since the days of the original Gameboy, avid Gameboy gamers have wanted to play their favorite portable games on their TV. The Super GameBoy For the SNES ® brought your GB and GBC games to life on your TV set and even allowed you to alter colors. The GB Hunter for the N64 also allowed you to play GB and GBC games on your TV set - albeit with no sound or real color support. So what sets the GBA TV Adapter apart from everything that's come before it? Every adapter so far has required the user to not only own the portable console but also required the purchase of an actual home game system as well. The GBA TV Adapter is a completely stand alone unit. It does not require the use of an additonal console. In fact, once you replace the back of your GBA Console with the GBA TV Adapter, you'll be playing your favorite games right on your TV Set. Just unplug the A/V cables and you can then take your GBA back on the road again!

gba tv concerter kitThis GBA to TV converter is a peripheral that will enable gamers to play their game boy advance upon any television with A/V (or S-Video) inputs. This unit consist of a cable that will plug into the GBA-TV converter , witch is combined with GBA console , and route the audio and video signal to the Standard RCA A/V (or S-Video) ports on the other end. This unit will require users to physically open thir GBA console by removing the back cover and perform a "one time simple" task when the end user purchases them. This GBA-TV converter is very good and convient to use. It requires no soldering. Most of the teenagers can do it in 10-15 minutes without experiencing any difficulties.


You can buy NTSC [USA] or PAL version.

The fun of playing games:

Game Boy Advance is designed for portable use . But many GBA game are not exciting enough if you play them on a small screen . For example, the RPG game can be more exciting if it can be played on big screen . In addition , you will read lots of dialogue when you play RPG game . GBA screen is too small for that .

Demands for esthetic visual and sound effect :

The gamer now a day have more and more requirements . Usually , perfect visual and sound effect is the reason why gamer buy the game . The software designers create such beautiful and fun game with their long term experiences. But , all of these are put in a 2.9-inch screen . What a pity !

The game resolution ( 240*160 dots ) is transferred faithfully to the TV screen through GBA-TV converter . The image is almost the same as SUPER NINTENDO . Although GBA has only 32000 color , GBA's color is further enhanced on TV through the GBA-TV converter .
With regards to the sound effect, GBA comes with audio mate . Through GBA to TV Converter, the sound will come out from the TV speakers or any speakers that are connected to the TV. You will have a more realistic and exciting game play.
How realistic ? It's up to your speaker system !

gameboy tv adapterBattery is nor required:

This may sound a little bit surprising! Many gamers buy an AC adapter to play GBA at home because battery is truly expensive. The good news is that GBA to TV Converter comes with an AC adapter. If you get a GBA-TV converter , you save some money on that . .


It is important that children have perfect vision. Many books are printed in big letters now a day. GBA's backlight is truly too dim and the screen is indeed small. Because they are no good for the children's eyes, many parents hesitate to buy GBA for their children. Now the parents can find a perfect solution by using GBA-TV Converter.


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