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PocketNES NES EmulatorNES ROMs Emulator for GBA

Nintendo Entertaiment System (NES)


The best one of Nintendo 8-bit emulators for Gameboy Advance. written by loopy and started out as an assembler port of his loopynes emulator for DOS. Compleat info about this emulator can be found at They also have a collection of NES Roms that can be downloaded

  • Emulates the NES in full speed
  • Emulates all sound channels
  • Emulates some of the NES mappers
  • Link play support, single cart and multi cart
  • Scaled mode: shrinks the NES display down to fit in the GBA screen, sprite scaling optional
  • Unscaled mode: the NES display is in full size cut off by the GBA screen
  • State and SRAM saving support, up to 56kbyte, about 10-20 compressed states
  • Sleep mode, auto sleep after 5 minutes, start+select to wake up
  • Autofire
  • Accelerated mode, no speed throttling
  • 1P/2P Controller switchable
  • Sprite following in unscaled mode. (creator)
  • Optional splash screen (creator)
    more info...

nes on gba play nes roms on gameboy advance

Homepage Download

gba pogo shellPogoShell + PogoNES plug-in

Another way to play NES roms on GB Advance is to use pogo shell with PogoNES plug in. This way you don't have to pack roms with emulator - all you do is copy NES roms to ROOT directory of PogoShell and run GO.BAT to send all files to the Flash Xtreme Card. Than from the pogo shell you can browse the files on the card and pick the game to play. Click on the game and the Shell will execute it as a gba game!

More details...



NES emulator for the Gameboy Advance. The emulator itself is written in Japanese, though there is a patch to translate the menu system into English. Though not quite up to par with PocketNES' assortment of features, it is a great alternative which features full speed with sound, full screen scaling, sprite following, and saving. There are a few issues with sound quality however, and a lot of times background noise can be heard while playing a game. Also, compatibilty isn't quite as high as PocketNES.

Homepage Download FCA-v2.0 Menu Maker Home Download Engish Patch

InfoNES Advance

Homepage Download

NES Emulators for Gameboy Advance will turn *.NES roms into *.GBA roms.

In the ROM you will have packed emulator and one or more nes games in a format your game boy can understand. You will be able to pick the game you want to play from a menu. When you have made the rom you can test play it on PC using GB Advance emu for PC or send the newly made roms to Flash Advance Xtreme Card and play it on Gameboy Advance as if it was a GBAgame ;) Nice thing about nintendo 8-bit games is that they are extremely small in size! As a result you can fit ~100 nes games on one flash card! If you have seen 100in1 cartridges from Asia - that's what they are - some GBAroms + lots of NESroms...

So step by step:

1. Download some NES roms from net 2. On PC turn them from nes2gba 3. Use FA to send games to Flash Card 4. Put the Flash Card in Gameboy and go!


flash advance 256M cardFlash Advance Cards:

FA 64M Card
FA 128M Card
FA 256M Card
Flash 512M Xtreme
Flash 1G Xtreme Card

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afterburnwr baclight for gbaGAME BOY history

1989: Gameboy
1996: Gameboy Pocket
1998: Gameboy Color
2001: Gameboy Advance
2002: Gameboy Advance Afterburner Backlit

flash advance linker xtremeFlash Advance Linker

Connects to the printer port or USB port of your PC. When connected, it can Read and Write GBA game ROMs from or to GB Advance Cartridge.



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