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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Khue [[email protected]]

NDS Satellite Tuner / VoIP / Presenter / Car PC

ds satellite tunerIdeas:

XM/Sirius Tuner : A satellite tuner for your favorite satellite product. It would come complete with a channel browser that resembles a cable television channel guide. It would benefit from DS's mobility and long battery life as well as great sound quality. You would have to of course pay for your own XM or Sirius subscription.

VOIP DS : Voice Over IP software for your Nintendo DS. Get all the advantages of Voice Over IP in a portable format. Use a repeater in the house or have a nationally based service that allows you to use your DS as a phone (wireless voip). Nintendo DS would be one of the first products to utilize IPv6 to do its networking. When further developments come forward, the DS will be able to use a camera product in combination with the VOIP software that will allow it to be the first ever Wireless Video Phone. Talk to your friends and colleagues face to face over the Nintendo DS.

Presenter DS : An ultra portable projector for your Nintendo DS. The projector would be HDTV compliant using the latest 1080i features. Cram your important presentations into the smallest possible portable projector/project presentation medium ever. The touch pad and stylus can even operate as an interactive part of your presentation. No longer will you have to stand by the screen to point out highlights and key topics of your presentation. Simply use the touch pad to draw your audience's attention to important notes.

Vehicle Computer DS : Performance car monitor. Hook your DS into a harness for your performance vehicle and be able to monitor fuel mixtures, efficiency levels, gear ratios, and four wheel drive options. Now use your DS to peak your vehicle to top performance at a fraction of the price of expensive car computers. When you are done use your saved data to analyze to bring even more performance to your car.

Jonathan Finkbiner

Tampa, Florida USA


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