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G6flash Maintenance


If “Parameter fail” message is displayed on the screen of console. It’s most probably that the format of G6 U-DISK is damaged. It needs repair by our maintenance tools. (Low-level format tools)


1. Insert G6 U-DISK Burner with G6flash3 into USB port of PC. (Usually, the blue LED will lit up.)

2. Format the G6 U-DISK by using FAT(16) format. (Don’t put any file into G6 U-DISK after doing this step.)

3. Run “MPutility.exe” by clicking its icon.

4. Click OK (and don’t alter the setting.) A new window will come up later.

5. Click OK to start. It takes around 5 minutes to format a 2Gbit flashcard, please wait until it finished. A massage will come out to indicate that the processing is successfully completed. 

6. Copy “EMU” and “PDA” directories from installation disk to G6 U-DISK. (To enable PDA and emulator games function.)

7. Add games by using G6 U-DISK MANAGER application. (It will create "GBA" and "NDS" directories for storing games and its save data.)

8. Put G6 flashcard into console and test it.

The Maintenance Tools can be downloaded at :

                                              NDS load:


NDS Menu:

There are 3 icons appear on NDS menu after booting form a NDS.

1.       NDS GAME Loader

2.       GAME Loader


ICON 1.  NDS GAME Loader:

-          Support running NDS games

-          SMS save support. Each game has 3 game save files.

-          Games must be added by using G6 U-DISK MANAGER (games and its save file are stored in NDS directory.)

-          Operation:

Up  Down 

Select games

L  R

Previous Page / Next page


Select or Confirm




Backup game save file


Go back to Main Menu

-  Users may also use the “Touch Screen” to control all the above operation.

Procedure of loading game and it’s game save data:

-          Select a game from the list and press “A”, a new window for selecting “Saver” will come out.

-          Select a “game save data” file from the list. Usually, user only need to select the “Default”, as user may continuously use the previous game save data by selecting the “Default”.

Procedure of storing game save data into backup game save file:

-  Press "Select" button after selecting a game, the "Backup" window will come out.

-  Select one of the backup game save file which you wish to write data in.


Normally, games need to use some memory space to store some parameters (game save data) for recording the status, score, money, level etc… These data will keep for long even power off the consoles. Thus, these data usually are stored in the memory of the card or cart. For G6flash, the data is stored in the SRAM inside the flashcard. Our SMS (Save Management System) will automatically copy the SRAM data into the “Default Saver” file every time booting up GBA/NDS console. Hence, the previous game save data will be permanently stored into flash memory every time booting up the console. Usually, users only need to select loading the “Default” game save file. The game save data will be continuously to keep. Users may also has an option to copy the data of “Default ” into one of the “Backup Saver” by pressing the “Select” button after entering into NDS GAME loader. It’s very useful for making backup of the game save data or swapping other users to play the same game.

ICON 2.  GAME Loader

-          Support running NDS games and NDS Demo

-          Support storing game save data in G6flash SRAM

-          Games can be stored in any location within the G6 U-DISK

Procedure of loading a game:

-          Browse and Select a game from the menu.

-          Press “A” to confirm.

-          A new window with 2 options, “Run” or “Add Header” for users to select.

-          “Run” for loading the normal “NDS game” which has its own loader program.

-          “Add Header” for loading the “NDS Demo” games which need a general header ahead of the actual binary.

-          Operation

Up  Down 

Select games

L  R

Previous Page / Next page


Select or Confirm




Backup game save file


Go back to Main Menu

-          Users may also use the “Touch Screen” to control all the above operation.



-         Normally, it’s not necessary to press this button. It’s for booting up some special kind of games. eg. The GST file. If game screen did not come out after a game had already been loaded, please follow the following steps to boot the game:

1.         Keep pressing the button on G6 cart  (Don’t release the button)

2.         Power off the NDS

3.         Power on the NDS console promptly.

4.         You may release the button around 2 seconds later. (or keep press until screen come out.)

The game screen should come out and the game will run properly. (All GST games are worked fine by using this method so far.)

(For Movie, Music and Pictures please install the application program under “Media” directory.)

(No games, movie, music will be included in our products.)

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G6flash & PassKey review
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