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NDS MagicKey 2 ® Nintendo DS MK2

NDS MagicKey2 MK2MK2 Status: Announced (not released yet)
Suggest retail price:
MagicKey1 : $29.90 / MagicKey2 : $39.90
Tested by GBAnet: (MK1-Yes, MK2-No)

A lot became clear this morning after Neo Flash team announced details of their new DS Magic Key 2 and NDS Magic Key 3 - SD / MMC adapter for playing commercial NDS ROMS on Nintendo DS hardware. It turns out that we guessed most of the features from the rumors we heard before and the only place where we were wrong (and we are glad about that) is the price of MK2 and MK3 - that is much lower than we expected!

Before you read the list of features let me explain that Video Game memory is measured in Mega bits (Mb) when as PC memory is measured in Mega Bytes (MB) and 1MB from PC = 8Mb or game data.

This means that when Magic Key is said to support max memory size of 32Gb they are talking about 32:8 = 4 Giga BYTE SD / Mini-SD / MMC / RS-MMC cards

It is not clear if MK2 will run clean nds dumps or if we will have to use GST NDS roms like in the case of Neo Flash kit with MagicKey 1. Our guess is that GST NDS_Save roms will be compatible with new cards and that clean dumps without patching will not work - but it remains to be tested... So don't delete your GST Nukes!

We will post more informaton and preview very soon!

Buy NDS MagicKey 2 (MK2) at Divineo - Price: $ 39.90 USD
Buy NDS MagicKey 3 (MK3) at Divineo - Price: $ 89.90 USD
    (This MK3 version includes built-in 512M flash memory that MK2 doesn't have)

Buy DSi R4 Flash Cards

MagicKey2 Main Feature:
(as announced by manufacturers. Not yet tested by stuff)

1. Boot from ANY DS Flash cart.
2. Included 8Kb high-speed inner buffer, can use command to read/write it.
3. Included 2M SRAM for NDS game save ( 100% hardware save, support EEPROM and Serial Flash directly ), and can compress the game save then backup to 16M menu flash later ( SMS function ).
4. Included 16M Flash for menu, can store the MK2boot menu program, and can backup / restore the NDS SMS file
5. Support SD and MMC card directly, maximum memory size up to 16Gb ~ 32Gb. (PC = 2-4 GB)
6. Included Li-Ion battery, lifetime over 5 years, can keep the game save data around 3~7 days, for temporary using only, must backup the save data to menu flash later for a long time safe backup.
7. Battery voltage display, can show NDS working voltage and MK2 Li-Ion battery voltage.
8. Support software reset, it'll help to make the multi-files loader.
9. Support memory bank swap, very easy to use offset to swap the memory bank.
10. Support power saving mode, some hardware module can enter sleeping mode when it don't run, and can use command to call them wake up.

And in the MagicKey3 you have built-in 256M / 512M Flash, for playing PD rom and Application roms through NeoFlash MK3 without the need  for SD/MMC (but you can still add them).

Download DS Roms for R4 DS and R4i. Play Nintendo DS ROMs on DS Lite or DSi or new XL with R4i DSi. Emulate GBA Games on DSi with GBA emulator and iPlayer microSD card adapter.

OLD NEW - Our Guesstimates about MK2
magickey2 8gb mk2

NeoFlash has also announced that DS MK2 - MagicKey2 is in the works, by adding a nice big banner on their website. What exactly the MagicKey2 is about has yet to be announced, but rumor has it that SD / MMC flash cards are involved.

Announced MK2 sizes are as follows:

MagicKey2 8Gb
NeoFlash 1Gb + MagicKey2 4Gb
NeoFlash 512M + MagicKey2 1Gb

What it could be is a SD / MMC or mini-SD and Reduced Size MMC flash card to DS adapter that plugs into the DS game cart slot and loads NDS roms from the memory card in the DS slot instead of GBA flash card. As we mentioned before - this is only speculation at a time when we have no more info. If it turns out that NeoFlash will make the Magic Key 2 with the memory built into MK2 itself that would me real high costs for this device. First generation 1G NeoFlash kit costs more than 250 USD dollars so we are scared to think about what kind of whole in our budget would a 8Gb MK2 make!

Neo Flash Team is keep awful quite about their new project - hopefully because it will be a big surprise for everyone and they don't want to ruin it by announcing MagicKey2 features that they are not sure will make it into the final product.

New Nintendo DS Flash Linkers and NDS ROM backup tools:
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