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Airform Pocket Gameboy Advance SP Case Review

Product Features

  • Holds the GameBoy Advance SP console
  • Protect your console from dust & dirt
  • Only for GBA SP consoles
  • Produced by BeArt Japan


Protect your valuable GameBoy Advance SP console from dust, dirt or any damage during transport as well as storage.

Reviews for Airform Pocket (Silver)

Average customer review: Based on 2 reviews.

Must Have
Review by: Djalil CHERHABIL (3) on April 7th, 2004
If you're the kind of hardcore gamer who even plays in the bus before going to work, this is an item for you, strong and rigid. no more scratches on your gba sp

Great Product!
Review by: Anton Westbergh (19) on February 12th, 2004
This is a flawless case.

I can feel that my SP is very well protected in this case. It feels strong, and it looks cool. I can REALLY recommend this case to each of you out there owning a GBA SP.

There is nothing worse than scratches on things, but with this item, you wont get any. :)


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