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GBA Flash Linkerflash advance linker  History

The Flash Advance Linker was the first professional mass produced development device for the Gameboy™ Advance and still is King! You connect it to the PC, plug in Flash Advance Card into the FALinker and now you can write roms to the FlashROM or read out and backup on your computer the Game roms from the Nintendo gba cartridges.

Its successor is FA Linker Xtreme (uses USB instead of Parallel Printer Port) also known as FA Linker Extreme. FA Xtreme is ~30% faster than FAdvance but who really cares if you have to write the roms 2 or 3 mints - what's more important Flash Extreme is better in the way that it uses USB port, and when used with it does not require additional power supply. So if you don't have a free printer port get this one!

flash2advance f2a usb linkerLater on came Flash2Advance Linker or you can also find it under the name of Flash Linker 2 or II or F2A Pro... Its name has led to some confusion - it is not 2nd version of Flash Advance Linker as you might think. Flash 2 Advance is a link cable that connects Parallel Printer directly to Gameboy Advance and lets you write gba roms to the Flash Card that is plugged into the GBA. Because it is more simple it also costs less! It has its own F2A 64M and F2A 128M Flash Cards, but F2A 256M cart is the same as 256M Flash Advance Card and it can be used both on F2A and FA.

xg-flash gba xglinkerAs if it wasn't complicated enough there are also newcomers like XG-Flash (EZ-Flash) and WiseBox that also let you backup games and emulate gba roms in gameboy. (uses EZ-Cart and Wise Card). EZ-Flash uses USB port and in that manner is similar to FA Xtreme, when as WiseBox can be used with Printer port OR it can be used separately to backup Games to WiseCard directly without a PC.

ezf advance realtime cartThe latest and in my opinion the best linker is EZF Advance USB linker with Realtime card. Similar to F2A it plugs directly into the GBA / GBASP. The linker has one big advantage - it can be used to load small game roms and demos direclty to the gba built in memmory so you can play them without a cartridge!


If you ask me - Go for the EZF Advance USB Linker with 256M Realtime card as it is the best most compatible device. The cartridge has built in RealTime Clock for games like Pokemon that need RTC function. If you can't afford it look at the 128M XG-Flash set. I wouldn't suggest you to buy any of the cheap 64M sets as there are games like Lords of The Rings : Two Towers that take up all 128M and if you have a 64M Flash Card you will not be able to play it :(

EZ Flash Advance 

XG-Flash USB

F2A USB Linker 

Flash2Avance Linker 

Wise Box

GBA Multi Boot v3

Flash Advance Linker

Flash Linker Xtreme USB


GBA GameWallet

XG2 Linker USB



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You can BUY Gameboy Flash Advance Linkers and GBA Flash Cards s well as GBA Accessories in the following online stores. All of them have been tested and they all are reliable - have Secure Site Certificates, Secure connection for shopping carts and orders can be Tracked Online. Remember that you have to pay for shipping so look for the best Price + Shipping combo!
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EasyBuy2000 A trustworthy shop for GBA, GBASP, PS2 and XBOX that. Good prices and fast/cheap shipping to USA, CA and the rest of the world. Worldwide

Specializes in XBOX and PS2 Mod Chips and GameBoy Flash Linkers like EZ2 PS and EZFA.

Jandaman Sells Gameboy EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar Linker sets and EFA - Extreme Flash Advance + GBA PS2 XBOX accessories


GameBoy / GBA SP Flash Linker specialists. EZ-Flash USB, F2A, XG-Flash 64/128/256M Flash2Advance and XG2 Turbo sets always in stock!



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