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Gameboy Advance Accessories

 GBA Carrying Cases

afterburner gba light Airform Pocket GBA SP Carrying case for storing and protecting your SP and a couple of games.

SP Case Pictures & Review

 Afterburner Screen backlight!
afterburner gba light Afterburner is a GBA Backlight that fits inside your gameboy! You can install it yourself or buy a gameboy with pre installed backlight screen!
Installation & Review

 GBA TV Adapter
Gameboy TV adapter converts your GBA into a Video Game Platform! You can plug Gameboy up to the Video and Audio plugs of TV and play Games on the big screen!

 Flash Advance Cards
Must have accessory for anyone who wants to backup GBA games or play free games that can be downloaded from the net

 Play-Yan SP and Nintendo DS
gba rechargable battery joypadNDS / SP / GBA Playback MPEG4 videos and MP3 music from SD memory cards. Plays free mini games downloadoable from the Nintendo web site. Supports VBR and playback of MP3s bit rates of 32-320kbps!
 GBA TV Tuner

Turns Game Boy into TV! Watch local TV stations on GBA or plug video game consoles into the Video and Audio jacks and play them using GBA as monitor.
GBA TV Tuner Review

 GB GBC & GBA PC Linker
GB PC Linker lets you play Gameboy and Gameboy color games from the internet on GB, Advance and GBA SP.
Flash Linker Cards

 GBA Rechargeable Battery Pack
gba rechargable battery joypadGameboy Advance Rechargeable battery packs, AC and Car adapters. and more...

 Gameboy Advance Light
Afterburner is no loger produced but if you still find your Advance to be too dark look at the other gameboy light options

 GBA Mini Digital Camera

gba photo camera Transform your Gameboy Advanceinto a digital camera. 8MB built-in flash memory allows you to store up to 26 pictures (with resolution 640x480 pixel), which can be reviewed and later downloaded to your PC via the included USB cable. See also new GBA interactive Camera

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