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nintendo ds multi game cardDS multi game cart - True Value for Money

With console gaming becoming extensively popular, Nintendo has taken the next generation gaming to a whole new level with Nintendo DS multi game card. Nintendo multi game card also known as NDS multicart - in video gaming jargon, is a DS game cart containing more than one game, brought to you by . Nintendo is one of the world renowned companies in gaming business, which later influentially specialized into video gaming industry.

Previously, separate games were available for purchase individually. But with growing demands and expectations of Gen-X, the concept of Nintendo DS multi game card came into existence. These multicarts provide the compilation from huge collection of DS video games, and that too of user's choice. This means that, now the Nintendo enthusiast can choose from the massive anthology of Nintendo DS games, the ones of his choice, and then can get those compiled into one multi game card. Now isn't that amazing!

Not only this - there are many more reasons to desire for one. Since one needs to pay only for one game card large memory instead of paying for many smaller ones, it provides better value for your money. Recently, Nintendo DS multi game card came out with the 2GB and even 4GB cartridges, which doubles or quadruples the amount of games one can have on one cartridge. So, now you can have around 110 games per cartridge. Now-a-days, discounts are also being offered on such purchases. To add a topping to your valuable deal, there no shipment charges. Means, now you can shop from anywhere around the world for free, of course with some terms and conditions applied!

Nintendo DS multi-carts can be a perfect birthday gift for your loved ones. They come in different versions and language options - the USA version, Europe version and the Japanese one. You can choose which ever suits you. Another reason why more and more people prefer NDS multicarts is because, these games don't require any extra software or accessories to install and play them. You just need to insert the cartridge and switch on the Nintendo DS / DS Lite console where you will be presented with a list of all the games on the game card. Scroll through the list using up/down button on D-pad and select the one you like to play with the A-button and simply get going!

Also, the Nintendo DS games available on cartridge are changeable. That is, you are allowed to remove the old one and replace them with the new ones before you order your customized DS card. Thus, NDSmulti offers you the facility to either go for the custom cartridges where-in you are free to choose the games you want or can also opt for the Nintendo's own Mix carts to which you would be able to add more games of choice.

With so many mouth watering features, anyone would raise a question about the quality of these game cartridges. To your relief, the claims that their NDS multicarts are 100% genuine and are quality tested before being dispatched so that you receive a fully functional DS multi game card. Even then, iin the unlikely event of receiving a faulty cartridge, NDS multi takes full responsibility to either replace the game card or refund your full payment at your request.

So, what you are waiting for? Go and get that adventure-filled game card and have a thrilling experience.
To help you out, here are few top-rated games- Spiderman 3, Fifa 09, Professor Layton, Lego Star Wars, Ben 10, High School Musical, Kung fu Panda, and Mario Party.


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