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G6Flash 3rd Lite

for playing DS and GBA roms on Nintendo DS Lite.

The G6 Lite is the first kit to fit fully flush with the NDS Lite GBA slot. Even Nintendo doesn't make GBA carts this small! (Update: Now other cards similar in shape to DS Lite dust cover have been released: M3 Lite, EZ-Flash IV Lite (EZ4 still sticks out 1mm), Neo3). But G6 has always made fastest, most compatible NDS/GBA flash kit on the market and does the same with the Lite version.

G6 Products:
G6Flash 3rd 1G (128MB)
G6Flash 3rd 2G (256MB)
G6Flash 3rd 4G (512MB)
G6Flash 3rd Lite 4Gbit (512MB)

The G6 Lite has the same glossy finish as DS Lite and G6L is the exact same size as the GBA dust cover. Plays all NDS roms & GBA rom games at full speed with no slowdowns, saves directly to the flash cart. Gives users 3 extra backup saves & real time saves on the GBA side to boot. Built-in emulators for GB, NES, SMS, GG & PCE games. NDS mode Menu can be operated using the touch screen and stylus, Game icons are shown next to the name much like in the default Nintendo DS menu, but here you have multiple games! Good write speed games and lightning fast read speed while loading roms.

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So is there anything bad about this card? Yes - the size of the cart. 4Gb (bits) = 512MB (bytes) and the memory can not be upgraded. At the same time you have to take into account that ROMS on G6 will be compressed so in real life situation on 512MBytes you can put nearly as many roms as you would fit on 1GB microSD card and memory read speed for G6 is gar better than from SD or CF card. Still if you are sure that you will use your DS as MP3 player a lot you should look at M3 or SuperCard - DS Lite memory card adaptors.

1) GBA &NDS Flash Card( Not only for NDS roms)
2) Perfect appearance. (No sticking-out)
3) Plug&Play, compatible with all current and future DS consoles. (No need to change NDS firmware)
4) Support playing multimedia files.(MP3, music &dpg / dsm / GBM movies)
5) 4Gbit(512MB)built-in flash memory . You don't need to worry about the compatibility & speed of SD card.

G6Flash 3rd Generation 4 in 1 Multi Media Card is the innovative & powerful backup memory device for GBA, SP, GB Micro & NDS Console. It has all functions of other NDS / GBA Flash Cards plus you can use G6 Multi Media Card on GBA (SP) / NDS and watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read E-Books. As one of important & exclusive functions, it's a true USB disk (Standard FAT Format), and it can be used for saving and transferring any files and materials on the GBA or PC fastly and conveniently. You can save all media materials with enough capacity 1G / 2G / 4G. Such as: Movie, Music , Games & PC data.

Games Compatibility
Can perfectly and directly run all .NDS ans .GBA games without needing any adding patches or any converting before playing. (and Emulator games, FC=NES / SNES / GB / GC / S-MS... and can handle various saving modes and RTC function )

Super Real Time Save Function
Instant Save Function, unlimited revive. High compatibility. Compatible with most games.
No need to search any databases or X-code for using this function. Easily operate, the user only press A, B, L, R key at the same time, it is very suitable for NDS, GBS(SP), GBA. Not only it has one real time save record and but also can offer up to 3 real time save records.

Works  as U Disk, just plug & play, with fast burning speed.
It's a Flash card with the fastest speed of Read / Write in the world. Only take about 10 sec. to download 128M games from PC. It doesn't need any drivers (Except Win98). It's so easy to operate that you even needn't know more about PC software operation, and you just need do duplicating or pasting operation. It likes simple operation mode of USB disk on the PC interface.

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