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EZ-Flash IV Lite Deluxe

for playing DS and GBA roms on Nintendo DS Lite.


EZ-Flash Products:
EZ-Flash IV miniSD – miniSD
EZ-Flash IV Lite – microSD
EZ-Flash IV Lite Compact – microSD –no GBA support.
EZ-Flash IV Lite Deluxe – microSD

Since the debut in April of the EZFlash IV, the subsequent EZ4Lite launch in June
and numerous software improvements, the EZ IV series moves steadily forwards
despite some minor technical problems.

Our customers have offered their suggestions and feedback for improvement of the
cart functions as well as the appearance of the product. Based on this information and
feedback we have redesigned the functions and appearance of the cart.

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These are the two new products that are about to be launched in September:

EZ-FLASH 4 Lite Deluxe and EZ-FLASH 4 Lite Compact

EZ-FLASH 4 Lite Deluxe features:

256Mb PSRAM (32 Mbytes)
384Mb NorFLASH (48Mbytes)
32Mb Loader (4 Mbytes)
8Mb saver SRAM (1Mbyte)

This makes it the most feature rich cart on the market at the moment.

EZ-FLASH 4 Lite Compact is a much simplified design. It has been designed specifically for NDS game playing, which lowers the cost significantly.

Both procucts have been designed to look like original NDSLite dustcover and have the exact same glossy look as the original. We are proud to announce that the supplier of the glossy oil spray for the EZFlash IV Lite is the same as the one for the oringinal NDS Lite.

We believe the quality will satisfy our customers.

The EZTEAM has 20 entries for testing open (EZ4LC x20, EZ4LD x20, every reviewer can obtain each of the carts). Experienced players and senior reviewers are welcome to apply for these openings. Please also send your previous reviews for qualifications reference.

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