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PocketGB - GB rom emulator for GBA


Recommended Games to use with emulator:

Adventure Island, Batman 3, Cool Spot, Crystalq, DR.Mario, Motocross Maniacs
Pacman, Paper Boy, Tetris, Darkwing (v0.2a), Looney Toons (v0.2a)



Games problems/notes:

NOTES: UNB = Display unsync on non-bitmap modes
ROM = GBA-ROM only, cannot run at MultiBoot

Adventure Island
Very playable game, graphically ok
[Best mode: Text or Hack]
AlleyWay (UNB)
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Asteroids (UNB, but look's ok on Hack)
[Best mode: Hack]
Batman (UNB)
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Batman 2 (UNB)
Corrupted title menu graphics on non-bitmap modes
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Batman 3 / Batman Animated (UNB)
Music too slow or fast on Non-SuperHacked sync modes
[Best mode: SuperHack]
Battle Bull
Sprites problems on Hack if it's on Bottom of screen but seems
fixed on Super-Hacked Sync mode
[Best mode: Text]
Sound too slow, fixed in SuperHacked mode
[Best mode: Super-Hack]
Boxxle 2
Sound too slow, fixed in SuperHacked mode
[Best mode: Super-Hack]
Bubble Bobble
Sometimes the game crash (Bad Opcode) when starting a level for
non-Hack/SuperHack modes
[Best mode: Hack]
Fast sound on title screen but slow sound on game
Sound fixed in SuperHacked mode but it runs 50% even if it's say 60fps
[Best mode: Super-Hack]
Castlevania 2 (UNB)
[Best mode: Hack(Speed) or Bitmap(Graphics)]
Centipede (UNB, but look's ok on Hack)
[Best mode: Hack]
Sound too fast on Hack mode
[Best mode: Text]
ChaseHQ (UNB)
It crashes the emulator in Hack mode
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Contra (UNB)
Graphics unsync only affect stage 2 and 4
[Best mode: Hack(Speed) or Bitmap(Graphics)]
Cool Spot
On Hacked Mode, pressing "Start" before Title Menu don't work
[Best mode: Hack]
Very playable game, graphically ok, sound ok
[Best mode: Hack]
Daffy Duck (UNB)
Serious GamePlay problems, sound turn mute magically
[Best mode: ????]
BG tile trash while paused (each 1 ramdom Tile is written each 4 secs)
[Best mode: Hack or SuperHack]
Game run too fast, on Hacked Mode only the Sound will run fast
Sound fixed in SuperHacked mode
[Best mode: Super-Hack]
F1 (UNB)
Very slow music
It crashes the emulator in Hack mode but not in SuperHack mode
Sound fixed in SuperHacked mode
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Ferrari (UNB)
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Final Fantasy 1
Very fast emulation in Text/Tile Mode
On Hack mode, the game crashes on Title menu or while playing
[Best mode: Text(Faster) or Bitmap(Slower)]
Lamborghini (UNB)
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Looney Tunes
Some unsync problems on Stage 3, but don't affect the game
[Best mode: Hack(Speed) Bitmap(Graphics)]
Mario 1 (UNB)
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Mario & Yoshi
This game don't work at all
[Best mode: ????]
Metroid 2 - Return of samus
Game crash, also, BG Map are not drawed correctly using Hack or
Super-Hack modes...use Text mode inleast but is more slower
[Best mode: Text]
Motocross Maniacs
Very slow music into the game
Sound fixed in SuperHacked mode
[Best mode: Super-Hack]
Nemesis (UNB)
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Very playable game, graphically ok, sound ok
[Best mode: Hack]
Paper Boy
Very playable game, graphically ok, sound ok
[Best mode: Hack]
R-Type 2 (UNB, but look's ok on Hack)
[Best mode: Hack(Speed) Bitmap(Graphics)]
Road Rash (UNB)
Have some screen artifacts while playing
[Best mode: Bitmap]
Spy VS Spy
Title screen crash when Press Start
[Best mode: ????]
Tennis (UNB, but is not too serious)
[Best mode: Hack]
Very playable game, graphically ok, sound ok
To run at full speed, use the Hacked-Sync version.
[Best mode: Hack]
Zelda (ROM)
Display unsync on non-bitmap modes (On Intro), rest of the game is ok
Some odd tile bar is displayed on top of text when chating to peoples
but only affect Hack mode
[Best mode: Text or Hack]

PocketGB FAQ:

Q: Can i use the PocketGB injector with command-line like PocketSMS injector?
A: No, the PocketGB injector is totally different and needs you to fill the configurations

Q: Can i load games like Zelda in MultiBoot?
A: No, see the top of this document to see the MultiBoot GB-ROM space limit

Q: Can i play Game Boy Color and see the colors on the PocketGB?
A: No, the PocketGB is only Game Boy, but work with some GBC games that is Game Boy Compatible

Q: Can i edit any color on PocketGB while i'm playing on GBA?
A: Yes, you can edit the palette in the menu, but remember that you can only edit 1 palette called "Custom"

Q: And the others? Like "Def 1", "Def 2" and "Def 3" are for?
A: They are palettes that you can define in the injector, but only on the injector

Q: Cool, but i can replace "GB LCD Color" and "Black & White Shade" too?
A: No, they are fixed palette colors

Q: Can i import *.PAL files into the injector?
A: No, only the palettes generated by no$gmb emulator for PC

Q: That means i can't export the cool palette i made?
A: Yes, you can import/export if you right-click on the 4x4 colors bar

Q: The exported palette will work again on no$gmb?
A: Yes, but it will loose a little (not visible) intensity quality

Q: What is that "Easy MB2GBA" for?
A: Is a special ROM i made in pure ASM that allow MultiBoot and GBA-ROM to be merged, so both
media will work in the same ROM file

Q: Cool, can i find that "Easy MB2GBA" tool alone and use it?
A: Yes, it's on "\bonus\" directory and you can use it for free

Q: Oh no! Bad opcode and some weird letters are on the screen, how can i solve the problem?
A: It means that the game executed an undefined opcode, and the weird letters are the status of the CPU
before the freeze, you can press the L button to reset...But is normally an incompatible game

Q: The game i load is making the screen shaking and i can't play, how can i solve this?
A: Maybe you used the Text/Tile mode or Hack mode, use the Bitmap mode to fix it but runs very slow

Q: The game crash, but "Bad Opcode" is not displayed and also the PocketGB Menu still working, what happened?
A: The compatibility is very low, maybe your game/demo crashed or is in infinite loop, and again,
normally is an incompatible game

Q: Can i play with my friend using the Link Cable?
A: No, the PocketGB don't support Link Cable because it will slow down the emulation and also may happed
unsync over the Link Protocol since the emulator is not running at fixed 100%

Q: What is the best display mode?
A: I can't tell, some work with some games, others don't, some give better sync VS fast speed
There is a little section of this document called "Games problems/notes" that can help you with some games

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