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GBA Photo Slide Show Builder

SlideShow Builder for Windows will let you easily - without any programming create a GBA rom that would contain a selection of your photos. You can add cool transition effects and even add text to your pictures. Send this rom file to a flash card and you will have a slideshow that you can carry with you in your Game Boy Advance or GBA SP!

gba slide show builder slideshow gameboy

Quick start:

  • Add one or more images to the list. Select the keep aspect ratio to stretch while keeping the correct aspect ratio; open spaces are filled with color specified in the background color. It is possible to select multiple images in the list box and set the keep aspect ratio and background color for all the selected items.
  • Select a target ROM name.
  • Optional: select a source ROM (default is the UFGBASS.BIN located in the application folder).
  • Hit the Create ROM button and if everything works ok there should be a newly created ROM containing the source ROM with the images attached to it. When writing the ROM to a Flash card one has to enable the fix header option, so that the writing software can make the header valid.

- Only the location of the images are stored in the project file. Not the content of the images.
- For stretching and conversion to 15 bits color the functions from the windows API are used.
- Conversion to 256 colors is not yet implemented and is therefore disabled.
- The application stores the images uncompressed (240 x 160 16 bit words).
- If too many images are specified, the application will stop adding images when the ROM size will cross the 8 MB boundary.

Download GBA SlideShow Builder

SlideAdvance 1.0

By : Sammy Fatnassi

SlideAdvance is an editor allowing you to easily produce a SlideShow (.gba rom) that will runs on the GBA without any programming/compiling needed. Just select your pictures and voila.

  •  Import all basic picture's formats
  •  Allow you to write Text for each picture that can be displayed over them.
  •  Allow you to pick a transition effect between each picture.
  •  Create Fullsized pictures that can be scrolled.
  •  Create Resized pictures that fit inside the screen.
  •  Create Thumbnails that can be browsed.

GBA Slide Advance editor

How to it works:

- Start the program (SlideAdvance.exe).
- Select your pictures with the (Add) button.
- Position them in the order you want them to be displayed by using the (Up)/(Down) buttons.
- For each picture, you can (Not required) :
      -Select the transition effect.
      -Type in the text you want displayed.
- Click on (Generate Rom).

-The editor created the file (Slide.gba) in it's directory. This is your SlideShow. Send this file to your flash card and view the slideshow on GameBoy
-If you have associated the .gba files to an emulator, clicking on (Start Rom) will launch it.

Download SlideAdvance

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