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EZ-Flash II Power StarEZ-Flash 2 PowerStar

EZ2 Power Star aka EZII or EZ2 PS

Comes Packaged with:

  • 1 x 128M, 256M, 512M, 768M or 1G EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar Cartridge
  • 1 x External EZ2 USB Writer
  • 1 x USB to Flash Writer Cable
  • 1 x Card CD with drivers ad PC Software and Users Manual
  • And all of that goodnes is packed in a nice blue gift box

EZ-Flash 2 USB Writer

- Conects you GBA to PC using EZ2 USB linker . Plug the USB cable into the PC and the oter end into the writer. After you do this the PC will recognise the device as a EZ-Flash and will ask you for the location of the drivers. You have to [Browse] the CD to point to the correct folder.
- To write roms to the EZ2 flash card you have to run the EZ-Writer Client software.
- X-rom link cable can be use as a mutiboot cable to send 2 Mbit games to GBA built in RAM memory
- Compatible with GBA / GBA SP

Read the EZ2 PS users Manual with Screeshots and Pictures

The EZ-Flash II PowerStar GBA Flash Card

Support for multiple GBA roms on one card. On the 256M EZ2 PowerStar card you can store up to 8 commercial game rom files! You can store literalry thousands of FreeWare gameboy or NES games and demos cause they are a lot smaller than a regular GBA game rom. EZ-Flash 2 Power Star Flash card support all save game types SRAM / EPROM / Flash so you don't need to use any addicional tools to patch the roms like with the older carts (for example Flash2Advance)

EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar EZ2 EZII

Main EZ2PS Features

  • Support HardWare Save :
    Build in the Flash emulator function, directly support hardware save, so you don't need to waiting for the new games patch again.
  • Support 5 Key ReBoot :
    You can press down the " R+A+B+Select+Start" button in any time during you play the game,it'll return to the menu screen directly but not need to switch off your GBA.
  • Support RealTime Clock :
    RealTime Clock and calendar built-in, perfect for Fans of Pokemon and the future RTC compatible games.
  • Support Game Hunter :
    You can use your GBA(SP) to search the cheat code by yourself, and you can choose to use these cheat code or not - activate cheats by clicking [Use] in the Writer menu. EZ2 can support the EmuCheat's cheat code format as CHT , VBA . 8bit ,16bit ,32bits target the way.

Extra features:

  • The First and only card to use the 1.8v memory chip insted of the 3.3v as used in the rest of the gba flash cards and original Nintendo game cartridges. This is where the name Power Star comes from. The new meory chip saves about 60% energy so giving you more time to play on the same battery charge! Becouse the battery consumption of the card is redced by more than  half you can play ~5 hours longer than you would using other cards!
  • Can run emulators of NES, Z80, PCE, Chip8, Asteroids, GB, GBC, SMS and otherclassic Video Game roms. Direct support for flashing NES roms without PocketNES emulator will be added in the writer software version 3.
  • Can run Video and Music files
  • Supports gba E-books and Photo albums


The Software

- backup original Nintendo GBA cartridges to PC as GBA ROMS
- write GBA ROM files from PC to GBA Flash Card
- Manipulate / backup save games from the original and flash cards
- Recognizes roms inside a ZIP file so you dont need to unzip the roms before writing
- Compresses roms befoe writing to flash card - auto removes some unneded space

Download EZ2 PS Drivers & Sofware

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  • 3DS Emulator - PC Windows 7 & Vista, Android and for Mac OSX.

Buy EZ2-PowerStar at:


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