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NDS roms Nintendo DS emulator

What tools you need to play free NDS ROMS on Nintendo DS console

Nintendo DS Emulator NDS romsNintendo has announced more details of its up-coming new dual-screen portable gaming device, the Nintendo DS. NOA has finally confirmed Nintendo DS (NDS) release dates and suggested retail price. Price tag in the US of $149.99 (£84), and 15,000 yen in Japan (£76). At the first month when he demand is bound to be high and shortage of Nintendo DS units can be predicted we think you will see NDS retail for a bit higher price.

Download NDS ROMs .

(Need to install eMule for the links on the site to work)

Surprisingly  - for the first time in the history Nintendo gaming giant, which dominates the portable games market, is releasing such a device in the US before Japan. Nintendo DS will go on sale on 21 November in the US and 2 December in Japan. (Europe will see the device on sale sometime at the start of 2005.)

Rival Sony has postponed the release of its PlayStation Portable (PSP) until early 2005. It is widely expected to go on sale in Japan first, however.

Nintendo already announced a 20% price cut on its popular Gameboy Advance and GBA SP $79 in an attempt to reinforce its position as the dominant portable gaming device.

Buy DSi R4 Flash Cards

DS final version design has a sleeker look and will be launched in two colors silver and black. When the device was announced in January, it was stressed that it was not meant to be the successor to the Gameboy Advance SP   - and you can easily understand the reason for that - N tries to keep selling cheap GB Advance while advancing the DS for more demanding gamers. If they would have announced that GBA is "dead" and will be substituted by new NDS - the sales of the GBA would plummet.

The things we are anxiously expecting to see:
(Updated: added links for the Dual Screen mysteries that have been solved)

Nintendo DS Emulator NDS roms...

  • We know for a fact that Nintendo DS will be backward compatible with Gameboy Advance games. On the bottom of the NDS device you have GB cartridge slot. Now what we don't know for sure is if GBA Flash Cards and other Backup tools will work with the DS or would Nintendo introduce some protection against backups.
    - 95% probability that Flash Cards will work on Nintendo DS - Do to compatibility issues with the GB / GBC / GBA carts that didn't have any copy protection it is highly unlikely that Flash Cards would not function on NDS otherwise NOA risks making many old games unplayable.
    Confirmed - GBA Flash Cards are compatible with DS but GB and Color cartridges are not so guess what - you will need a backup device to play Game Boy and GB Color games in emulator mode.

    GBA Flash Cards that are compatible with Nintendo DS

  • Who will be the first to release a Nintendo DS Emulator?!
    And when will it be...
    - Many programmers are ready to go as soon as they get more info. Some have even rushed an released DSemu - but all it does is emulate GBA roms which brings as to the next question.

    Nintendo DS emulators at

  • Who will be the first to release NDS roms?!
    - we know for sure that Nintendo DS roms exist - after all game developers make the every time they compile a game for testing on DS development kits but so far none of them (nds roms) have been leaked into the public and the is one more think missing >

    (DarkFader released Metroid and Mario 64 DS but first WORKING nds roms come from Golden Sun Team - GST)
  • First Nintendo DS Game Card Backup Device?!
    - We used Flash Advance Linkers for GBA rom backup but we will need new devices for the backup of NDS Game Card ROMS. What will they be called (Nintendo DS Linker, Linker DS, NDS Flash ..., ezDS-2-PCusb) well we don't really care about the name as long as we have a working backup device that can download DS roms from the Game Card and store them on computer.

    Neo Flash 3in1 NDS Flash Linker Review

  • NDS Multicarts!
    - We have seen them made for Gameboy Advance and GB micro, but will we see multi-game cartridges for Nintendo DS consoles? (Updates: Yes we will)

    Nintendo DS Multi Game Card

  • What will be the acronym for Nintendo DS Games / File extension. Two options.
    - NintendoDS games -> DS roms and dot-nds files [*.ds] but this extension has already been reserved by DS = chemistry Software DS = TWAIN Data Source ( = DLL). That doesn't mean that it can't be used but we give it a - 30% provability
    - NintendoDS games -> NDS roms and [*.nds] file extension. Now this extension is practically unused. The only place a NDS file can be found is as Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Saved Game file format. - 70% that provability that this is what will be used by rom release group and emulator programmers and consequently it will be the term you will have to use when searching for Nintendo DS roms downloads.

    This is not 100% solved as there are multiple versions:
    - most common are *.NDS roms
    - *.DS.GBA and *.NDS.GBA extensions are used to make roms compatible with older flash writer software that requires rom to be bin or gba so ds.gba tricks it.
    - *.neo a couple of roms from GST came as NEO and Neo Power Kit supports it.
    - *.BIN binary dumps are always popular ;)

    NDS ROMs

We are sure to test Flash Card compatibility as soon as we get our hands on the first Nintendo DS unit which shouldn't be long. Expect our test results in the end of November!


Nov 24, 2004 We tested DS console and it's compatibility with GBA Flash Cards

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Searching the net we fount has some unconfirmed information about first released free nds roms. Supposedly a file that has been leaked from NoE - Nintendo of Europe tester and contains Sonic DS (E) rom. Read more about Sonic DS rom here . (Turned out to be a fake)

You can download this .NDS file using BitTorrent client but the problem is that we don't have an emulator for .nds rom files so we can't test the game at this time.

PassMe NDS Mod




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