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NDSPatch.exe v0.1 by ]{ain - Release Notes

NDS Patcher v0.1 by ]{ain

This program will patch a normal (ie. not a GST release) rom to allow it to load from a GBA flash cart instead of the usual NDS card. It also attempts to patch the saving functions so that it can save on the flash cart's SRAM instead of using the NDS card's SRAM.

Our NDSPatch review and screenshots of Nintendo DS running NDSPatch roms on Xrom

Usage :
ndspatch.exe <file to patch.gba> [options]

If the programs doesn't fail (sometimes it can't find the code to patch on some older releases), you will have a new file with .gba appended to it. Just flash this file on a GBA flash cart and you're all set. Looking through the text on the console will also tell you if it patched the saving code. If it did not patch it, be warned that if you save your game, it will overwrite any game that you currently have in your NDS card slot.

Currently the only option available is -nosave, which will skip the save function patching. This is only present because some games do not work properly with it.

Note 1 : If you don't have a NDS card in your DS when you close the lid, it will start to rapidly go in and out of sleep mode. I believe it has todo with the card removal interrupt but haven't had time to fix it yet.

Note 2 : Some of the first generation of GBA flash cart are not fast enough and will result in your gaming crashing at random.

Castlevania note : This is the main reason I made this patcher. The game works flawlessy, I've played it completely without any glitches. For 32 megs card owners, it is possible to cut the file to exactly 32 megs. This will only cut part of the intro, so simply do not allow it to play wholly or the game will crash.

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