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GBA News Archive

GAMEBOY micro - mini GBA

gameboy micro miniNintendo has released a new GB micro (GBM) which comes with a Backlit Mini Screen with five Adjustable Screen Brightness levels. Micro Size - Mini Weight three times lighter than iPod mini. Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery and it Plays all GB Advance / GBA SP Games world-wide. Also features Swappable face plate for design customization.

GameBoy Micro Accessories

xg-flash linker xg2 usbXG-Flash

The XGFlash is yet another addition to the growing Gameboy Advance development scene. With the XG Flash being one of the smallest versions of other popular GBA development systems. XG-Linker connects to the USB port of your PC. Compatible with usb v 1.1 and new v 2.0 also XG is fully GBA SP compatible. All in all this is one of the best and cheapest GBA Flash Sets!

Read more about GBA XG-Flash

flash2advance usb f2a linkerFlash2Advance USB

Unlike other linkers F2A USB link cable connects directly to the GBA or GBASP. The older Printer port version had problems working with the new SP, but they have been fixed in this new USB version that is Compatible with GAMEBOY SP (all region, including PAL ). Also when using F2A you don't need additional power source - it uses the Gameboy to write the roms to the Flash Cartridge!

Read More about Flash-2-Advance

gba gamewallet game boy wallet smartmedia GBA GameWallet - SmartMedia card adapter

The Game Wallet is an amazing new accessory for your Game Boy Advance. It allows you to backup your games on Smart Media cards and play on your GBA console using Flash Cards. (SM cards are used for rom storage - to play the roms they will be moved to the Flash Advance card so you need both) As an extra added feature there is also a built in light which requires no external power source for game wallet. By using SM cards the cost of storage is much cheaper. A 32MB Smart Media card is actually equivalent to a 256 Meg Flash Advance card.

Game Boy Wallet Details

GBA Wise Box - Linker and Backup Device + 64MB Flash Cart
GBA Wise Box - Linker and Backup Device + 64MB Flash Cart

GBA Wise Box

New flash linker for Backing up GB Advance games or use as a development system. Can connect to PC and run games (gba rom) downloaded from the internet.

Also can be used as a standalone backup device. No PC required. You can copy games directly cartridge-to-cartridge

Our review of GBA Wise Box

gameboy advance sp gba sp pre-order buyGameboy Advance SP - GBA SP

Nintendo has announced its plans to release a new Game Boy called Gameboy Advance SP. GBA SP is designed to address the three most common complaints heard from GBA users. Most importantly, there's a bright light built into the front edge of the new GameBoy Advance SP display. This should make it easier to see under a variety of lighting conditions. Partly to offset the demands of the internal light, Nintendo has added rechargeable batteries to the GBA SP. And to put it all together, the device has a new clamshell design, which folds to protect the screen and is only about half the size of the original handheld.

Details : Relese dates : Pictures at


gameboy photo camera gbaMini Photo Camera:

Transform your Gameboy into a digital camera. 8MB built-in flash memory allows you to store up to 26 pictures downloaded to your PC via the included USB cable.


gba tv tuner adapterGBA TV Tuner
turn your GBA into a small portable TV. Stores 99 TV Channels. Play Video and Audio In/Out jack to connect an external video/audio source - For example to play PSX or SuperNES games


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