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Play VIDEO and Movies on GBA


Finaly you can encode MPG, MPEG and AVI movie files to be played on GBA (Gameboy Advance and SP)! All Flash Cards and Linkers are suppored (EZ-Flash, XG-Flash, EZ2, XG2, Flash2Advance, FA Xtreme). There are some sample movies demonstrating what cone be done but I suggest you go ehead and make your own gba movies!

Free GBA Video Codec - Avi2GBA METEO

Convert Video Files (MPG, MPEG and AVI) to .GBA movie files with Avi-2-GBA and METEO video codec! Video file: File must be an AVI or MPEG1 video playable in Windows Media Player.

Requirements:  PC with DirectX 8.1 or above for converting MPG, MPEG and AVI files to GBA files. One of the GBA Flash Linkers and Cards (XG, EZ-Flash, F2A any one will do) Gameboy Advance or GBA SP or the movie playback!

Note that Meteo is capable of creating very large roms that emulators are not able to run, and even if the emulator is able to open it the sound or image might get cut off while playing the video. Keep size under 256mbit (32megabyte) to be safe.

Download Avi-2-GBA METEO

(Big Thanks for the English version go to Mike Haggar)

Download Sample GBA Movie Roms

Matrix Video GBA Ice Age Movie Trailer GBA Zelda Movie rom

More Gameboy Advance Movies at: gba video demos

Meteo Avi-2-GBA is a great program and after a long time trying I've figured out how to put up to 31 minutes of video with still quite acceptable quality. Complete list of my own sweet spots with the right settings for everything can be found below.
*Continues to watch Friends on his GBA now... :D*

Shin's Avi2GBA Sweet spots:

I've tested the following settings with the Animatrix trailer of 5 minutes and calculated the rest, so it's pretty acurate. DivX movies might have problems with sound synchronizing if it doesn't play right in Windows Media Player in the first place.

Great quality: This is the best way to view trailers and clips, but only allows one on a 256 MBit cartridge
Bitrate: 60
Framerate: 15 fps
Settings: No trim, manual resize 240x160, 4x dither
Average maximum amount of minutes: 8 minutes

Nice quality: These settings are best to store multiple trailers and clips, yet still having very nice quality
Bitrate: 28
Framerate: 12 fps
Settings: No trim, manual resize 216x144, 4x dither
Average maximum amount of minutes: 15 minutes

Lesser quality: These settings can hold most episodes, and still looking great for such a long movie
Bitrate: 12
Framerate: 7.5 fps
Settings: No trim, manual resize 204x136, 4x dither
Average maximum amount of minutes: 25 minutes

Compression quality: The longest recording time with still acceptable video
Bitrate: 8
Framerate: 6 fps
Settings: No trim, manual resize 192x128, 4x dither
Average maximum amount of minutes: 31 minutes

Shin's notes:

  • If the gba file reaches above 32MByte (256Mbit) the program will give an error (Input file error).
  • The more quality the original movie has the bigger the gba movie will be (even though the time is the same).
  • It's possible to create even longer movies but it will look crappy, and your friends will laugh at you because it looks so pathetic.
  • Movies with no sound cannot be used.
  • VCD's can be recorded too (DAT files), as long as you can fit it in 32MB.
  • It takes about 1.4x the movie time to convert the movie.
  • Some movies above 16MByte (128Mbit) cannot be viewed in emulators.
  • To be sure you don't fail creating your movie, it's best to convert all episodes with Compression quality.


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