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EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar - Manual

» Notes
» Hardware Feature
» Hardware Operation Manual
» Software Operation Manual
» 1.How to install EZ-Flash Writer?
» 2.How to use EZ-Writer?
» 3.How to use Cheat Function?
» 4.How to operate EZ II Cart in the GBA and GBA SP?
» 5.FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



EZ Cart: A device can be programmed with GBA ROM files and used as a GBA game cart.

EZ Writer: A device used to program ROM files to EZ cart and backup ROM files from GBA game cart or EZ Cart to PC.

EZ-Writer: A set of program run on PC to manage the Flash ROM and RAM of EZ Cart via EZ Writer.

EZDriver: A set of program run on PC to support the driving of EZ Writer.

Font: Bold represents the function button displays in the program.


Hardware Feature


1. 61 x 62 x 21mm
2. Standard USB interface, no external power needed, low power consuming, flexible and steady.
3. Cartridge protection design, Any cartridge won't be physically damaged by pull or plug at any time.
4. Backup for official and all compatible cartridge supported, and all savers except EEPROM backup from non EZ-Cart is supported.
5. All functions and features is supported by software, flexible to upgrade, our steady and timely software upgrade service will always keep your hardware up to time, many additional is being planned and being designed.


1. All 128M, 256M and 512M EZ-Cart are standard GBA cartridge size.
2. For the capacity of 128Mbit and 256Mbit carts, the capacity of saver is 2Mbit. For the capacity of 512Mbit carts, the capacity of saver is 4Mbit.
3. All three saving modes are supported, import and export for all saving modes and sizes are supported. All saving modes is supported by software, so you only need to update your software to accommodate future new saving mode, protect your investment most, free from hardware upgrade cost and trouble maximum.
4. Rechargable battery in cart to support saver, no need to change battery, the battery life is even longer than the flash chips.
5. Perfect compatibility, no saver/speed/crash patch needed, all third-party GBA applications and emulators supported.
6. Powerful power saving, the battery run-down life of GBA or GBA SP with EZ-Cart is close to official cart on most games.



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F2A linker for Printer port doesn't work with GBA SP! The cards work the linker doesn't - so you have to use GB Advance to write roms or get the new F2A USB Linker that is GBASP compatible

Flash-2-Advance USB »




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