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gba qbus qboy roms flashGBA QBus Review

Jan 2004. Not too long ago a nice little packed arrived at our test labs containing one of the latest GBA Flash Card & Linker set from China. It is called QBus

Q-Bus Flash Card

The physical size of the Qbus flash card is the same as any other Nintendo GBA cartridge so it fits in the GameBoy perfectly. (Can use it with GBA GBASP or Nintendo DS). Because it is not oversized like the old Flash Advance Cards you can use it with all GBA accessories.

  • Flash memory size 256M.
  • Separate SRAM Save Game memory.
  • Good looking boot loader displays game list + game title screenshots in the background.

At this time only 256M cartridges are available. (1M Byte on PC = 8M bits in GBA) so depending on the size of selected games you can have from 2 to 8 gba games on the card at the same time. 8 x 32M gba games / 4 x 64M roms / 2 x 128M or a mixture of games up to 256M in size.

qboy gba flash card

While actual support for all the save game formats is unknown all ROMs that you will download using QBoy have already been patched so you will have no problems with being able to save your progress. For example GBA ROM 1246 - Mario And Luigi Superstar Saga that has a rear save game type - EEPROM_V124 (64Kbit) and has problems saving on older flash cards works just fine.

No RTC (Real-Time Clock) so a couple of games that require it will not be able to run Clock-based events.This is about the only real drawback that this flash cad has.

NOTE: Some people are worried about the internal battery that powers save game memory running out. As you can see from the above picture here is no problem in opening the cart and replacing the battery. Normally the battery lasts ~3 years so that shouldn't be a problem. In addiction to that save games are backuped to PC every time before writing new roms to the card so if the battery dies you can replace it and the software will restore the savegame.

Writing GBA ROMS to the Flash Card (Short instruction)

  • Open QBoy software and select a game you like.
  • Click Download - in about 1-3 minutes it will be added to favorites.
  • Go to My Favorites  - here you have a list of games and options
  • Click on [ Write Flash ]
  • Select the GBA ROMS from the left side menu & click ADD>>
  • Click on [ Start Write ]
    QBoy will auto detect the linker and the card, erase the old roms and backup the new games to the flash card. Wait for the sound signal at the end of the write process.

When the writing backup is over you can put the flash card in GBA, GBA SP or Nintendo DS and you will see a nice game selection menu (boot-menu)

qbus qboy game menu

As you move down the list the background will change showing the title screen of the selected game. (This is one of the nicest looking boot menus that we have seen so far and it looks like the menu does not take up any rom space so there is no problem in writing 2 x 128M gba roms) Push [ A ] button to start the game.


  • If a single game rom is written to the cart it launches the same as regular GBA Game cartridge without a boot manu.
  • All multiplayer an linking options work the same as with Nintendo made cartridges.

For the full QBoy Software review and users manual go here

or got back to our GBA QBus Review

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Buy QBus at Merconnet - Price: $89 USD
(Free Shipping to Canada and United States)

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