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gba qbus qboy roms flashQBus in the Box

Here we have some screenshots of the box and what comes inside of it when you order your Q-Bus We had the White/Blue version of the writer but there is also a White/Red version available - I guess for girls :)

GBA QBus Linker Set Comes packaged in a gift box that looks like a box for cigars and contains:

  • 1 x QBus Linker / Flash Writer.
    Shaped as GB ADVANCE and can be used as a PC Joystick!
  • 1 x 256M QBus Flash Cart
  • 1 x CD with Software and Drivers
  • 1 x USB-to-MiniUSB cable for Writer/ Game Controller

As you from outside the box comes in a nice cover with screenshots of gba games.
Excellent for giving as a gift..


Inside you have a wooden box that contains USB cable, QBus Flash Writer / Joypad, Q-Bus Flash Card and a mini-CD with drivers and software. As you can see from the above picture writer looks 99% like a GAMEBOY ADVANCE™ + all the buttons work the same as they would on the GBA, so when we first sow it we thought that the linker connects to gba like EZFA and Flash2Advance do but no - this is an external linker and that is good news for all the Nintendo DS users as you do not need a gameboy for writing the roms to the Flash Card



USB to Mini USB cable is ~1.5 meters or 5 feet long Convenient if you have the PC stacked under the table. ( only a small part of it is included in our picture ;) The smaller USB lug goes into the port at the top of the QBus Linker (where on a GBA you would have a Link port) and the other end connects to the PC USB Port. Simple.

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Buy QBus at Merconnet - Price: $89 USD
(Free Shipping to Canada and United States)

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