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XG2005 - Slim Loader III

New flash card from the XG-Flash family. It is called XG2Turbo 2005. The set that we were looking at had 1Gb (1 Giga bit = 256 Mega Bytes) flash card but sets with 512M and 256M XG2 Turbo cards arealso available.

XG2 Turbo 2005 Linker Set

Comes packaged in a nice gift box with:

  • 1 x USB XG2 Slim Loader III
  • 1 x XG-Flash 2 Turbo Cart
  • 1 x CD with Software and Drivers
  • 1 x USB Exteton cable


  • Come with the smallest USB full speed loader in the world,the size of loader just same with one gba cart, support NDS.
  • Build in the first battery changeable system in the world,you can replace the battery in one second!
  • Support TEXT / HTM / GIF / JPG / NES / PC-E / GB etc. file format, directly burn.
  • Game time / Hardware save / SMS / Power consume saving ....
  • Full range of memory size, from 128M ~ 1024M, full set include XGTurbo 2005 cart / USB 2.0 extension able / 2 set cell bettery and USB loader.

This USB link cable connects PC USB port and does not require GAMEBOY ADVANCE or GBA SP for writing ROMS - thats good news to Nintendo DS users who do not own a GBA. Same as with XG2Linker II it is possible to backup Game roms from Nintendo made Gameboy cartridges to computer and manage SaveGames - .sav files on them.

XG2 Turbo 2005 Flash Card

XGflash2 Turbo Flash Card that we tested was nice black - matching the color of my GBA SP. Other colors are avilable The physical size of the XG2Turbo flash card is the same as any other Nintendo GBA cartridge so it fits in the GameBoy perfectly. The main characteristics of the XG2T carts:

  • Flash memory size 256M - 1G for storing gba game roms
  • 2M separate SRAM Save Game memory for .sav files
  • Built-in Super Memory Stick (SMS) save game manager with additional 28 mem slots!
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC2) that supports Pokemon and Our sun games
  • Built-in Boot loader that doesn't take up any of the Flash Memory space and lets it all be used for game ROMS.
  • Lowest GBA battery power consumption to date. Only 11 mA (XG1 - 80mA)
    (That is even lower than using EZ2 PowerStar)

Now as mentioned before we tested the 256M cartridge.
(1M Byte on PC = 8M bits in GBA) so it can hold anywhere from 2 to 8 commercial gba roms.
8 x 32M gba games / 4 x 64M roms / 2 x 128M or a mixture of games up to 256M in size.

XG2Turbo cartridge can also be used for playing emulated NES, SNES, GB, GBC, Z80, SEGA roms ect. as well as specially encoded MPEG and AVI video files, MP3 files, Slideshows and e-Books. The cartridge we got came pre-Flashed with XGflash Power Viewer - windows like application for GBA that had some instruction TXT files and pictures of the cartridges that we could view on GAMEBOY.

All the different save game formats are supported by hardware without rom patching:
SRAM, 1M SRAM, Flash, 1M Flash, EEPROM, v1244 EEPROM so you will not have any problems with games not being able to save your progress.

What is different from other carts is the built-in Super Memory Stick (SMS). This feature lets you backup / restore game saves in separate memory so that you can have more than one save file for any game. Or you can hold gamesaves for roms that are not on the cartridge but you plan on playing later. For example, I and my brother are playing Bayblades Vforce but the game has only one save game slot so after I play I backup my sav and my bother can play and save without worrying that he will overwrite my save. I can even erase the game from the flash card, play and save some other roms and a month later when I put the Bayblades back on the cart I can restore the save game and continue from where I left off. Something that you wouldn't worry about if you had a separate cartridge for every game but it is important if you have 8 games on the cart. Plus SMS memory doesn't use any battery power so savegames will never be lost because of the battery running out.

Real-Time Clock version 2 (RTC2) - works just like it does on Nintendo cartridges plus it is fully compatible with all games that have time related events (Pokemon, Our Sun, Gba PDA) and again there is no need to patch.

Another thing that s different and better than on other flash cards is that the Boot Loader - that is the menu where you can see and select the games that you have on the flash card doesn't use Flash Memory. On other cards this menu takes up ~25KB or the memory That is not much but it means that if you have 2 x 128M roms on the 256M card one of them would have to be reduced in size to fit the loader but that can not be done with all of the roms so sometimes you couldn't fit these 2 128M games on the 256M cart because of the loader! With XG2Turbo carts you don't have to worry about it.

In the Boot menu of the XG2T you have 3 options:

  • [Start Game]   - select and start playing one of the game roms
  • [Manage]        - SMS save game manger Backup / Restore or Delete old gamesaves
  • [Clock Adjust] - set or reset the RTC clock time      YY/MM/DD

XG2005 Software

The software supplied with XG2 allows you to read / write roms to the cartridge and also GamesSave from and to SMS. What we especially liked about writing roms to the cart is that if you like you can manually edit the Game Title that you will see in the Boot Menu. Also new features like direct support for NES, GB/GBC, Z80, PCE roms has been added.

XG2005 Slim Loader III installation.

Software and Drivers for the XG2T come on a mini CD. It is always the best to check online to see if a newer version has been released.

SHORT XG2 2005 installation instructions.

•  Install the software [Install -> Next -> Next -> Finish]
•  Plug in the USB linker and browse to the drivers located in the c:\XG2Link\Win*** directory
•  Connect XG2Linker to GBA/GBASP EXT. port
•  Hold down START+SELECT and turn on the GAMEBOY
•  Run XG2Flash client ad you are ready to go!


  • Latest generation linker kit - now compatible with NDS (for playing GBA roms)
  • Hardware compatible with all save game formats
  • USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 compatible
  • High-tech Realtime Clock (RTC version 2)
  • Inbuilt 4Mb Super Memory Stick
  • Very low power consumption - 10h+ play time
  • 256Mbit flash cart can hold 8 gba games
  • Simple to install and use
  • Save Game battery can be changed without opening cart


  • Can not remove multi boot menu (could cause problems for nintendo ds homebrew developers using PassMe mod chip)

Overall 9.5/10

  • GBAnet can highly suggest this GBA Flash Linker & Card set as one of the most advance, compatible and feature rich linkers on the market.

Learn &Buy at

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