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XG2Turbo Linker installation

GBA XG2Turbo Installation help

Software and Drivers for the XG2T come on a 3½ diskette (or mini CD). It is always the best to check online to see if a newer version has been released.

Quick Start: Short XG2T installation instructions.

•  Install the software [Install -> Next -> Next -> Finish]
•  Plug in the USB linker and browse to the drivers located in the c:\XG2Link\Win*** directory
•  Connect XG2Linker to GBA/GBASP EXT. port
•  Hold down START+SELECT and turn on the GAMEBOY
•  Run XG2Flash client ad you are ready to go!

DETAILED XG2Turbo instructions.

The procedure for the installation is as follows:
(Start with the software - do not plug the linker into PC)

1. Double click on XG2Turbo.exe to start the installation.

Select the directory where the software should be placed and click [Install]

This will install the XG2 client software on your PC and extract the Drivers into the same directory. If you don't change any of the settings when installing by default the software will be placed in c:\XG2Linke directory. Drivers will be extracted to c:\XG2Linke\Win2KXP and c:\XG2Link\Win9X

2. Plug XG2Turbo Linkers USB cable into PC USB port.

Windows will detect the new device and display the 'Found New Hardware' wizard.
The chip inside the linker is recognized as "SIO Bridge Processor".

3. Select the option to "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and click [Next]

Browse to the folder created when the software was installed.
For PC's with Windows 2000 or XP - c:\XG2Link\Win2KXP
For PC's with Windows 98 or Me - c:\XG2Link\Win9X

4. During the installation you most likely will see a warning that Sio Bridge that is XG2 Turbo Linker has not passed Windows Logo testing. For the installation to continue you must click on [Continue Anyway]

The reason for this warning is that Microsoft has not tested XG2T drivers and so hey don't know if they are compatible with Windows. Let me assure you - they are Windows compatible.

xg2t warning


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