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NEO-Max and MagicKey 3

Suggest retail price:
NEO-Max 1G : US$149.00
NEO-Max 8G : US$219.00

Latest Nintendo DS backup set from NeoFlash Team is called NEO-Max. It is not a revolutionary product, but rather a repackaged NeoFlash Kit + MagicKey 2 / MK3 + SD Card and Flash Writer that you could previously buy separately, but now you should be able to get all of this together for a reduced price - and that is Good news! So what exactly will you get in this NEO-Max package? First you get one NEO-Max Flash Card, same old XG2 / NEO USB Slim Loader III, MagicKey 3 256M+64M Zip card (replaces the older Magic Key 1 that was included in NeoFlash 3in1 kit. SD Card (1Gb~32Gb or that us equal to 128MB and 2GB as we know it 1GB=8Gb of video games) SD/MMC USB Writer called - PEN :) 3 x 1632 Cell Batteries for the Neo MAX Flash Cards SRAM memory, USB Extension Cable and a CD with Drivers and Software

NEO-Max 8G Kit nds flash

We will post more informaton and preview very soon!

Buy NEO-Max 1G Flash Set at Divineo - Price: $ 149.95 USD
Buy NEO-Max 8G Flash Set at Divineo - Price: $ 219.95 USD
    (In the 8Gbit set you get a 1GByte SD card. Nintendo said.. 1 Byte = 8 bits )

Buy DSi R4 Flash Cards


* Includes Mini High-Speed USB Slim Loader III
* Includes USB Pen Driver for SD/MMC card, plug and play (no driver needed)
* First built-in inner High-Speed 8K cache system
* First built-in changable battery system for NEO cart
* First built-in battery voltage indicate system
* First built-in SD/MMC A.I. power protection system
* Built-in mobile Li-Ion cell battery, no need to maintain, auto rechargable
* Built-in PDA style GBA/NDS menu, can use NDS touch screen for total control
* Built-in 2M REAL hardware save system, simulates 100% of the EEPROM/Flash chip
* Built-in SMS2 system, can edit and backup/restore the game save file to SD/MMC
* Built-in 16M Menu Flash, can use GBA cart or SD/MMC to upgrade the new MK core
* Built-in 64M super buffer area, can run very complex APP software
* Built-in NeoFAT system, support multi-files, can load file from SD/MMC directly
* Built-in power save function, the idle module will auto enter sleep mode

NeoMax set consists of:

  • Neo Max Flash 1G 8GNEO-Max flash cart x1
  • USB Slim Loader III x1
  • MK3(256M+64M Zip) x1
  • SD Card (1Gb~32Gb) x1
  • 1632 Cell Batteries x3
  • USB Extension Cable x1
  • Driver CD x1

Some customer have got the MK2 / MK3 already, but at this time they can use it as the normal MK1 only, we will release the MK2 / MagicKey 3 loader menu in the end of October, support multi-roms.

If you want to test No MagicKey2 / MK3 hardware Game Save function, you can use one 64K NDS save game to test it (the MK2 and MK3 are set to 64K EEPROM save mode by default), then you can see it how to works.

Moonshell will have new version for MK3 soon

In the list of features let me explain that Video Game memory is measured in Mega bits (Mb) when as PC memory is measured in Mega Bytes (MB) and 1MB from PC = 8Mb or game data. Magic Key is said to support max memory size of 32Gb they are talking about 32:8 = 4 Giga BYTE SD / Mini-SD / MMC / RS-MMC cards.

And in the MagicKey3 you have built-in 256M / 512M Flash, for playing PD rom and Application roms through NeoFlash MK3 without the need  for SD/MMC (but you can still add them).

If you would like to buy Magic Key seperately (MK2 or MK3) Here are the links:
Buy NDS MagicKey 2 (MK2) at Divineo - Price: $ 39.90 USD
Buy NDS MagicKey 3 (MK3) at Divineo - Price: $ 89.90 USD

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Magic Key Tool for Neo

Now it is possible to dump NDS ROMS onto GBA flash card and from there backup to PC using Magickey tool for NeoFlash




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