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M3 DS Simply Review

M3DS Flash card for NDS roms / DS Lite.

Multimedia Adapter for Nintendo DS. Uses microSD flash memory cards for storing NDS ROMs, MP3 files, Video files and homebrew applications and games.

Automatically hits patch CLEAN the ROM support program Nintendo DS Roms.
• Touches the dynamic graphical interface to hold controls
• Outside sets at multi-purpose system*1
• Moonshell media module*2
• PASSCARD guides*3
• Simple straight inserts the type microSD card slot
• Quakeproof soft silica gel info clerk box
• Forwards as an enclosure microSD to read the card (USB 2.0)
• Card belt main body 3 months maintenance

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* 1 conformity DS game, electricity, document management, guidance function
* 2 shares the multimedia module Moonshell system independent start chart sign
* 3 PASSCARD functional need insertion belt system document microSD card

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R4i Nintendo DSi backup cart

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• 500 MB Disk Space
• Unlimited FTP Updates
• 5000 MB Bandwidth/Traffic
• Unlimited Email Aliases
• 5 Pop Email Accounts
• MySQL & PHPMyAdmin

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