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Play wii roms and isos on PC.

Built-in Emulators:

NES - Nintendo Entertainment Sytem 8-bit Emulator.
SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment Sytem Emulator.
N64 - Nintendo Ultra 64 Emulator.
Sega Genesis - Sega 16bit game console Emulator.
Turbo GraFX - TurboGrafx 16 Emulator.

With a Wii ModChip in your console you are able to run all the emulators that where made for GameCube! So it is like playing Virtual Console games for free - and you should be able to do that if you already have bought these games for NES, SNES or N64 and now are asked to pay again!? And yes you can play roms that you download from the internet.

XMAME GX a port of the Unix version of MAME, XMame. Thus far it is source only. It runs via GC Linux and it is needed to run the emulator.

Chip 8 Emulator v1.0a GCN first emulator for the GameCube. This is a Chip 8 emulator by DeskTopMan.

GameBoy Emulators GBQ second emulator ever for GameCube. A GameBoy emulator by or9, author of Dolwin. No sound support yet as it's in very early stages.

Genesis Emulators Name Links Last Updated OS Description GCN GenesisPlus! A GCN port of the Windows Genesis emulator, GenesisPlus!, this is the first Genesis Emulator to run on the GameCube. It supports sound, and also has GameGenie support. Saving is not supported as of yet, but overall this emulator is worth a download

SNES Emulators SNES9x GX 1.43 a port of the Windows SNES emulator, SNES9x. runs via GC Linux and it is needed to run the emulator. SNES9xGC Betaa new port of SNES9X by HonkeyKong based on the Lantus source code. It's the first non-Linux version.

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Wii Technical Specification:
* CPU (Central Processing Unit): IBM 'Broadway' 729MHz
* Internal Storage: 512MB Flash Memory
* GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): ATI 'Hollywood'
* Optical Disc Drive: 8cm GameCube / 12cm Wii (DVD discs)
* Supported Resolution: up to 480p
* 12 cm Disc Capacity: 4.7GB (single) / 8.5GB (dual)
* System Memory: 256MB
* Memory Expansion: 2 SD Memory
* Wii Controller Ports: Wireless (4 maximum)
* GameCube Controller Ports: 4 Ports
* Internet Connectivity: WiFi 802.11b/g
* Disc Compatibility: GameCube
* GameCube Memory Expansion: 2 Ports
* USB 2.0: 2 Ports
* Downloadable Emulated Roms: NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, Turbo GraFX


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