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NinjaDS Sticky U-Shape Pocket

for playing DS and GBA roms on Nintendo DS Lite.

The enduring card is designs for NDS or NDSL, expands NDS or the NDSL main engine becomes the formidable recreational facility, supports the replacing -like SD memory card, may realize broadcasts the MP3 music, the movie, the photograph and so on the multimedia function. Moreover may the backup user have the NDS game, provides the multi- cards to gather a game backup function, lets the user leave the gate not to need to bring for the number multitudinous card chest, with ease realizes the portable mechanical games the convenience. And penetrates NDS or the NDSL WIFI function, enables the user to be allowed to penetrate the wireless exchange multimedia file, following will develop MSN to access the net chats the function.

The enduring card use universal SD memory card took the storage medium, does not need to penetrate the tedious fever to record the procedure, penetrates in the computer then fast management SD card the material, the 128MB SD memory card may deposit 1G the game. Moreover plays does not have to transform, the game main engine does not have to revise, becomes the most convenient quickly NDS/NDSL multimedia backup card.

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Please note: The enduring card game backup function, is suggested the user in the legitimate authorized scope, backup purchases, has the legitimate copyright the game. The penetration enduring card multi- cards gather a function, the convenience carry NDS or the NDSl main engine. Please do not have to download or the use pirates, the illegal game, the MP3 music, the movie, the picture, in partial national law, even cannot the backup you have the game or the media, this product showing only supplies the suggestion, all use ways for finally explained according to the various countries' law.

  • The use reads the card machine to read in your material SD Card.
  • Inserts Ninjads Card SD Card.
  • The enduring card will insert the DS game slot.
  • Opens DS the power source.
  • Lies between the function from the enduring card operation which in the surface selects you to want.
  • Enjoys it to take to your convenient function.

< Fast start >
01. Will play, the movie, the music file puts to the SD card in.
02. SD card insertion enduring card in.
03. The enduring card will insert to NDS/NDSL on.
04. Starts NDS/NDSL, the spot chooses the enduring card graphical representation button.
05. Enters the enduring card the acousto-optic world.

< Detail function >
The spot chooses this function to enter the game to start lies between the surface, the enduring card can automatically grasp in the SD memory card each game graphical representation, the convenient user recognizes the game content. Chooses various graphical representations to be able to appear this game material, after presses down the confirmation to be able to write down this game.

The enduring card only supports carries out the NDS game backup, if you have to the GBA card trough install card and so on SuperCard or M3, may according to the firefly curtain right under angle GBA card button, enter the GBA pattern.

The enduring card has contained the Moonshell media broadcast formula, does not need the extra installment, then broadcasts media file and so on the music, movie, picture.

The spot chooses PICTURE
The picture may straight take over the use of touches controls the pen to drive
X, the Y key enlarges reduces the picture, the scope: 25-800%

The spot chooses MP3
The XY key may adjust the volume, the scope 0-400%
The L key suspends the music, R key broadcast next
With touches controls the pen progress strip to be allowed to adjust the current broadcast position
With touches controls the pen to select Music the Next frame, can appear:
Stop------------- broadcasts stops
Repeat----------- single tune circulation
NormalLoop------- order broadcast
The NormalPowerOff--- order broadcast finished Guan Ji
ShuffleLoop------ stochastic broadcast
After ShufflePowerOff-- broadcasts Guan Ji immediately
PowerOff--------- Guan Ji

The spot chooses MOVIE
The spot elects X to carry on the broadcast, the suspension
The spot chooses Y to withdraw

Enduring card support form and vice- files name as follows:
Game class nds
Music class mp3/wav/mid/spc/ogg/nsf/mod
Movie class dpg
Photograph class jpg/gif/png/bmp/psd

Ninja DS Products:
Ninja DS Sticky – SD
Ninja DS U-Shape - SD
Ninja DS Pocket – 1Gbit (128MB)

Q: Does the use enduring card main engine, what special request have?
A: Does not have, to obtain no matter what the heaven each place dealer has bought the main engine, does not have to revise the hardware, does not have to revise the strong body (FlashMe brushing machine), does not have to match the guidance card (PassMe), the SD card does not have to install the special software, so long as inserts the enduring card, experiences the formidable game and the media function immediately, but also may enjoy the main engine the original factory maintenance function.

Q: The enduring card execution backup uses the game file nds, needs other transformation?
A: Does not need other transformation, nds will put to in the enduring card SD memory card, will be allowed directly to carry out.

Q: The enduring card supports the media form, needs to transform?
A: The enduring card supports in the media file, only has the movie files to need to transform into outside DPG, other files do not have to transform, may the direct support.

Q: How many can the 1G SD card approximately admit to play?
A: If by the 512MB bits NDS game, the 1G SD card approximately may put in 16 games.

Q: Enduring card regarding SD memory card accommodating why?
A: At present the sidelong glance result, can be accommodating regarding some international well-known memory cards, SCANDISK, Jin Shidu, Toshiba, the pine inferior all can be accommodating.

Q: How long does the enduring card guarantee the solid time is?
A: Sells the latter three months.

Q: How promotes the enduring card essence?
A: Welcome downloads the newest essence to the website in, puts to in the enduring card SD card the root table of contents, is heavy newly opened machine then. After the renewal formula can first eliminate carries on the formula again, please confirmed the power source is sufficient, then completes the renewal.

Q: The enduring card must use how movie files does DPG have to transform?
A: Please use Moonshell the movie transformation tool, then carries on the transformation.

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