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Flash Advance Linker Set: EZFlash Flash2Advance

One set with all the tools you need to start backuping an playing gameboy advance roms for FREE. FA Linker for transfering roms from GBA to PC and back + one of the Flash Advance Cards EZ-Cart F2A card 64M 128M 512M 1G. Download GB Games and store on your computer as gbaroms. Upload gbc and gba roms to Flash card and paly on GAMEBOY. Flash Advance Linker set, FALinker Xtreme set USB, Flash2Advance set, EZ-Flash set, EZFlash, GBA Transferer 2 set

GBA X-ROM 512M and Flash2Advance ULTRA with 1G F2A Card

Two best new flash linker and card sets on the market. X-ROM has a price advantage when as F2A Ultra has cartridge sizes from 256M to 1G that could be considered as a good option and Flash2Advance cards feature 2 extra buttons on the cart itself- used for saving game state.

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