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freevo wiiFree DVD DivX Player for Wii

Play DVD's MP3s and DivX movies on any Wii console.

Initially Nintendo announced that Wi will play DVD movies with progressive scan just like any modern DVD player does nowadays, but as we found out just before the release they intentionally didn't include DVD playback in the Wii to save a couple of dollars on codec licensing fees! We find this ridiculous as now we have a computer that has 729MHz CPU (Central Processing Unit), 256MB main memory, 2 SD Memory Expansion slots, ATI Graphics Processing Unit DVD Optical Disc Drive + Support for resolution up to 480p and possibly unpgradable to 1080p and even support for 8.5GB dual layer DVD disc reading but NO DVD movie playback capability! For a device that has a REMOTE for a controller that is just plain out crazy not to include DVD playback so we will devote this page to FREE programs for playing DVD's and DIVX, XVID and other format video files on Wii console.

NINTENDO does have plans to release a new version of the Wii next year that will ship with a DVD player and possible even HD DVD capabilities. Gameinformer quotes Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime as saying that Nintendo decided not to ship with high-definition capability when it launched because it wanted to keep the cost down.

Microsoft was able to patch the Xbox 360 to support 1080p and Nintendo has already released a firmware patch for Wii that alows gamers to transfer game saves to SD cards that was previously impossble.

The solution to fix all Wii media related problems is to run Media-Center LINUX on Wii. This way Wii can be converted into a media center compatible with most any Video and Audio farmat you can trow at it .

Freevo is an open-source home theatre PC platform based on Linux and a number of open-source audio/video tools - much like Microsoft Media Center PC - just without all the license fees and expensive hardware. MPlayer and/or Xine can be used to play audio and video files in most popular formats including DVD MP3 Divx Xvid Ogg MPG Rma Rmv etc. Freevo can be used both for a standalone PVR computer with a TV+remote, as well as on a regular desktop computer using the monitor and keyboard.

wii freevo musicSome of the Supported Input Formats: CDRwin's .bin image files, DVD, including encrypted DVD, MPEG-1/2 (ES/PS/PES/VOB), RIFF AVI file format, (S)VCD (Super Video CD), ASF/WMV/WMA format, QT/MOV/MP4 format, RealAudio/RealVideo format, Ogg/OGM files, Matroska, streaming via HTTP/FTP.

What's Linux? It's another Operating System like Windows XP or Mac OSX. Really, it will work just like them. The main difference to you, the user, is that almost all the software is free! It will allow you to do things on your Wii you could normally only do on a computer.

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3DS Media Player & MP3

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