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wii blackUSB Hard Disk Drive

Nintendo Wii Add-on USB HDD.

The Wii HDD can include 200 GB of memory storage used for save game data, Virtual Console downloadable content, and Images from SD card. Installation of utility drivers is necessary from a DVD disc included in the package. You can interact with the HDD from the Wii Channels menu. The process is similar to starting the Wii LAN Adaptor.

Wii AC Adapter
Nintendo includes one of these with each Wii, but if you imported your console from a country with different voltage you can purchase another compatible AC adapter or for example 220V Stepdown Converter with UK plug.

SD Memory Card
This 512MB memory card is functionally equivalent to a standard SD memory card, but has the Nintendo and Wii logos.

Wii Technical Specification:
* CPU (Central Processing Unit): IBM 'Broadway' 729MHz
* Internal Storage: 512MB Flash Memory
* GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): ATI 'Hollywood'
* Optical Disc Drive: 8cm GameCube / 12cm Wii (DVD discs)
* Supported Resolution: up to 480p
* 12 cm Disc Capacity: 4.7GB (single) / 8.5GB (dual)
* System Memory: 256MB
* Memory Expansion: 2 SD Memory
* Wii Controller Ports: Wireless (4 maximum)
* GameCube Controller Ports: 4 Ports
* Internet Connectivity: WiFi 802.11b/g
* Disc Compatibility: GameCube
* GameCube Memory Expansion: 2 Ports
* USB 2.0: 2 Ports
* Downloadable Emulated Roms: NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, Turbo GraFX

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