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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : cory shope [[email protected]]

NDS Web Cam, Cell Phone, HDD, TV Remote Accessory Package

nintendo ds phoneI have envisioned a few products for the NDS.

1. A web cam that could be used for video confrancing during game play. It could be used on the touch screen in a little Picture in Picture box that could be moved with your finger that way it doesent interfare with game play.

2. Cell Phone adapter. If you could have a cellurae conection on your DS you could surf the web, trade save points and maybee even play people aross the globe.

Cell Phone Nintendo DS3. A Hardrive that would be capable of playing back roms, video, MP3's & backing up any other file type. It could have a wirless USB conection to conect it to a PC.

4. Wireless TV conector, so you could play your DS games on a TV. It would be cool if it could also double as a universal remote.

5. A language translator.

6. A audio recorder with a wirless USB conection for backing up your recordings.

7. A camera & program that alows picture sharing wirelessly.

8. A device that sends a FM transmition that alows the user to pick up the sound from there DS on a radio.

~<...¤...{€¤®¥ §µØ¶ê}...¤...>~

Cory Shope
U.S.A. Ypsilanti, MI

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· Accessory Package 1
· Analog JoyStick
· TV Connection, Keyboard
· NDS Button Device
· Chiritorie DS Wi-Fi Cacume Clener
· Nintendo DS DVD Player
· e-Mail & WebBrowser
· Cartridge Holder
· Accessory Package 2
· GameCube Player
· Multimedia Accessory
· NetPOD64 N64 Emu
· DS NoteBook
· PocetPC PDA Card
· Portable Media Center
· Accessory Package 3
· Portable Media Streamer
· Sattelite Tuner
· StarCraft DS RTS Game
· Thumb Thong
· DS Total Add-On
· TV Tuner
· Wireless Connectivity
· Other Entries...

· Nintendo DS Accessories
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