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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Gerson Campos [[email protected]]

NDS PDA PalmOS PocketPC.

Well  my dream nds is not to far from reality, since it already has an ARM processor all is just some work that needs to be done

It is a fully customizable PDA, ranging from PalmOS, PPC PocketPC and the wonderful but extinct Apple Newton.

And all is customizable by adding a Flash card with the minimal requirements, like Bluetooth, IR port thru the gba Cartridge interface, so a GBA cart can be expansion memory and port interface, while the nds game slot is used for bios and OS storage. Both interface cartridges must be firmware upgradeable.

Jotting area is already built in the touch sensitive screen.

And software emulation is always possible thanks to skilled programmers.

All kind of interfaces are possible if ports are available thru the flash cart or maybe thru a wifi or Bluetooth interface, like gsm web browsing, wifi external flash harddrive, ir/wifi/Bluetooth printing.  GPS, Mp3 playback, is also possible trhu same ports available it the gba flash cart.  I assume this is really possible, because we have already seen  some devices that work thu gba flash cart interface, like the movieplayer2, the gamebank and the game wallet. If compact flash and sd interface is possible already BIOS/ and PDA OSs are possible thru some software and firmware design. Even the innovative hard drive mode of the palmone T3 can be already matched by gamebank.

And since both main PDA OS (PocketPC and PalmOS) can handle emulation then we have a lot more options to program the NDS!!!. But I also dream that some one brings back to life Apple's unmatchable Newton PDA 2100 ;) also thruan expansion slot too.

I include 6 images, 3 of them are based on original image found in the other 3 images are some screenshots from a program running on each OS possible to emulate on dream machine.

Thanks for making us dream again ..

Gerson Campos


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