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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : DT

NDS TV Connection, Keyboard and Bluetooth.

For my dream Nintendo DS, there are 4 parts to it. The first part is a GPS, the GPS can either be on the top screen or on the bottom screen. It is like any regular GPS but it has the ability to detect turned on Nintendo DS' and if detected, one red dot will be shown on the map for one DS. This is powered by a cartridge that fits on the bottom left side of the Gameboy Advance slot. The second part is a Video Camera that allows you to talk to people like a video phone. It can also be either be on the top screen or on the bottom screen and you can talk through it by using the Mic on the DS. It also has a built in FM and AM tuner, voice recorder and it has a voice activated function. The third part is a Backup Game Saver and that allows you to backup your saved games that you just don't want to lose. It is located at the bottom right side of the Gameboy Advance slot. The last part is a Folding Keyboard. The Keyboard in the picture is not to scale or else it would be too small. The Folding Keyboard basically allows you to type in Pictochat and in games where you need to type letters or anything else. It also has a built in character map like on computers and memory where you can save your drawing in the Pictochat. This is my dream for the Nintendo DS and hope you like it! Thanks for your time on reading this and of course I hope that I will be one of the top five winners. Thanks again!

TV Connection, Keyboard and Bluetooth




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· Accessory Package 1
· Analog JoyStick
· TV Connection, Keyboard
· NDS Button Device
· Chiritorie DS Wi-Fi Cacume Clener
· Nintendo DS DVD Player
· e-Mail & WebBrowser
· Cartridge Holder
· Accessory Package 2
· GameCube Player
· Multimedia Accessory
· NetPOD64 N64 Emu
· DS NoteBook
· PocetPC PDA Card
· Portable Media Center
· Accessory Package 3
· Portable Media Streamer
· Sattelite Tuner
· StarCraft DS RTS Game
· Thumb Thong
· DS Total Add-On
· TV Tuner
· Wireless Connectivity
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· Nintendo DS Accessories
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