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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Chee Wai Ng [[email protected]]

Nintendo DS - Superb Multimedia(SM) Set Package + accessary

NDS game card (Game card slot 1):

Besides the 3-D rendering graphics engines, embedded software/application (like WINAMP, Sonique, RealJukeBox, Windows Media Player, DFX plugins, etc) in this game pack can fully utilize the built-in processors (ARM9+ARM7) to perform more sofisticated tasks and functions.
Superb Multimedia package can provide a set of Mini Multimedia Subwoofer plus a dual shock features like dual shock gamepad. The SM mini subwoofer which can provide home theater styling and a breaktrough subwoofer design unlike any other multimedia speaker system. With rich design that includes a headphone jack and satellite speakers and 2-chamber acoutic system deliver more bass, treble, fidelity, ambience, 3D surround, dynamic boost and hyperbass features of a conventional design. Besides listening the music in hight fidelity, we can experience the power of Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS technologies right with your hand distanc
e. Making this a superb speaker system that deliverls awesome 5.1 cinema quality with your favorite movies, music and games. It's completely new dimension to sports, racing, fighting and more type of games and compelling interactive experience which compatible with all software or games.

The SM Set also provides a intergrated/added on camera for image capture and camcorder. The camera with the embeded software/application in NDS game pak with can support GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), MMS (Mulitimedia Messagging Service), Bluetooth, AVI/MP3/MPEG4 playback, windows media video playback. It also support the current market phone feature like Java games, email,FM radio, Wap2.0 and etc. Of course, it's compatibale with all the memory card like SD, XD, MMC, MS, CF and etc which can give more data storages with a special adapter.

SM set NDS game pak can acts as a Dictionary with can intergrated into the system with built-in new Oxford dictionary plus translator. It can read electronic books with hi-tech mini scanners. It can be plugged to a TV screen to watch short animated or pics. It also support TruVoice pronunciation system, conversation in international multi-languages and TOEIC. This enables the users have more learning besides gaming. It's have the ability of synchronization of data transfers with PC (with built-in USB 2.0 ports).

NDS + GBA game card (Game card slot 2):

With the embedded OS application/software (take full advantages of Wi-Fi) in this game pak plus adapter which enable it acts as 'Walkie-Talkie' with up to 2-miles communications range. It works with any brand of FRS/GMRS radio for up to 2 miles. It provides VOX voices activated hands free capablility. It allows to send Alert Signals to the other party. Therefore, you can stay connected with friends and family together whether you are on the slopes or at the mall.
With this hi-tech applications which intergrated into NDS system, enables and offers 14FRS Channels as well as 38 interference eliminator code for greater privary. This feature is a must and important feature for the current Walkie-Talkie.

Perak , Malaysia

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· Accessory Package 1
· Analog JoyStick
· TV Connection, Keyboard
· NDS Button Device
· Chiritorie DS Wi-Fi Cacume Clener
· Nintendo DS DVD Player
· e-Mail & WebBrowser
· Cartridge Holder
· Accessory Package 2
· GameCube Player
· Multimedia Accessory
· NetPOD64 N64 Emu
· DS NoteBook
· PocetPC PDA Card
· Portable Media Center
· Accessory Package 3
· Portable Media Streamer
· Sattelite Tuner
· StarCraft DS RTS Game
· Thumb Thong
· DS Total Add-On
· TV Tuner
· Wireless Connectivity
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· Nintendo DS Accessories
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