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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : William Chiang [[email protected]]

NDS StarCraft Game (Real Time Strategy)

I really think Blizzard needs to make a starcraft game for the DS.
Here are my ideas:

Nintendo StarCraft DS RTS GameLayout
- The top screen will have the mini-map, and the unit portraits.
- The bottom screen will have the unit wireframes, and the unit
commands/things to build

- there will be a 'mouse' controlled by the touch screen (not the actual
touch screen doing the work)
- the L button acts as the 'left click' of the mouse, while the 'up' d-pad
is the right click.
- all buttons can be hotkeyed by the players as either shortcuts, grouping,

- Any rts for DS would kick ass
- Especially Starcraft
-This would really work, I think
- It would support multiplayer with the wireless connection (and hopefully
if possible, Wireless Fidelity)

- a pipe dream, as much as everyone would like it, it seems hopeless
- resolution might be a problem
- People might (especially my friends) rather have the action on entirely on
the bottom screen so they can click on stuff easier


William Chiang
Canada, Maple Ridge

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