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Nintendo DSNintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Jeffrey Roberts [[email protected]]

NDS 10-Piece Dream Accessory Package.

First of all, my DS Dream would be to actually OWN a Nintendo DS... after that, everything else is just gravy.

Now, I have a ton of ideas.  My 10-Piece Dream Accessory Package for the DS would include (in no particular order)

1- An external Wi-Fi device and accessory for the GBA slot (ie. "DS Option Pack") which transmits the game screen wirelessly to your TV, allowing you to play your DS games on your TV screen.  The Wi-Fi device would have 2 sets of A/V hookups (for two TVs), or a split-screen option for those with only one available TV.  Oh, and the touch screen?  The image would still be displayed on the DS's screens, so all the bases are covered.

DS Accessory Package

2- Some kind of "Option Pack" that upgrades the DS's Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing online gaming through Wi-Fi internet with ALL games.  It would also have web-browsing features, a media player, Email features, etc.  It could also be used as a way to transfer save ram data to a computer or another game for backup or sharing on the internet. It would also have an image editor which could transfer doodles drawn with the touch screen to a PC.  Heck, while I'm at it, I'll dream that it could connect to various IM clients (MSN, ICQ, AIM, etc), opening up a whole new set of communication features.  It could take advantage of the DS's built in microphone, and allow voice communication through the above clients, and even Voice-over-IP. 

With this cartridge loaded, you would still be able to play regular DS games.  However, if you received an instant message or an Email, a sound effect would go off, and you could choose to acknowledge it by pressing a button combination, or continue with your game. 

This accessory would require some computer accessories with Wi-Fi support (ie. wireless router). 

3- If the Voice-over-IP stuff didn't work out from the previous idea, a cell phone expansion pack would be a great replacement.  Take THAT N-Gage!

4- Since there's now Linux on a Gamecube, how 'bout Linux on a DS?  Oh, imagine the possibilities!  Most of our favorite emulators would be easily ported, essentially expanding our game library to an unlimited number of games... which would ROCK!

Plus, with accessory #1, you wouldn't have to squint to view the Linux Interface. 

A Wi-Fi Mouse and Keyboard would also be included, or if you prefer, the touch screen could be used.

5- The ever-changing game!  This piece of software would connect to an internet server (when available) and automatically download new maps, levels, characters, upgrades, etc. for the game.

Another way to look at it is: every day (or week), a new game is downloaded.  If you want, you could save up to 10 on the actual cartridge, but if you didn't save it, you would have to wait for the next time the game is available.  The web server could have some sort of request system, if you played a game you really liked, but never saved it, you could request it, and it would be added to the game queue.  The more requests a game received, the higher the priority it would have.  Also, this would be a great way to preview upcoming DS games (ie. downloadable demos).  As with Accessory #2, this would require Wi-Fi internet access.

6- A TV Tuner for the DS. (I'm not sure if the one for GBA would work with the DS.)  For the DS, it is a MUST that it be a stereo tuner.  It would also have A/V connections, allowing the connection of a DVD player, camcorder, or gaming console... heck, even a computer with TV-Out connections!  Also, an AM/FM/Shortwave tuner would be a nice addition.  Also, the interface would be skinnable, and use both the touch screen with the regular controls.  It would work with Accessory #1, allowing you to wirelessly connect Camcorders, Computers, and everything else to your TV.  Can you see the conveniences here?

7- A mini-light gun (Perhaps the NDS Zapper?).  It would include a Tripod-esque stand for the DS, leaving your hands free to fire at will.  Can you say "Duckhunt DS"?  Plus, it would have to be wireless, so you could test your marksmanship from across the room.  C'mon, you've gotta agree, that would be sweet!  Plus, it would be compatible with Accessory #1, so you wouldn't have to have pinpoint accuracy with the DS's relatively small screens.

8- An upgrade to the old GB Camera, the **DS CAMERA**.  But not just photos, oh no, Video Clips and Sound recordings!  Great for those priceless moments!  And if the moment is not as interesting or exciting, you could just swap out your camera and get lost in your favorite DS Game.  Since the DS has Wi-Fi capability, transferring your photos/videos/audio clips to a PC would be a snap! Also, it would work with #1, allowing you to view your photos and videos on your TV. Nowadays, even some printers are wireless, maybe the camera could take advantage of that! Also, it would be neat to share your photography skills with your friends through the DS's wireless linking features... none of that link cable crap that you had to go through with the original GB Camera. 

It would come with a CD full of image editing software, and have an all-in-one Photo CD/(S)VCD/DVD burning software, so there would be no hassle converting your pictures and videos.

Oh, and it would include a USB port for those who do not have access to Wi-Fi.

9- A pass-through cartridge for the GBA slot. WITH A LINK PORT !  All of the GBA multiplayer games would finally be transferred over to the DS.  It would also allow most Flash Cards to work with the DS with no need to have a GBA(SP) lying around.  Oh, and it would open up a wide variety of features, such as a GBA and DS multiplayer features. 

Example: Let's say you have a DS, and a friend has a plain old GBA.  Two new racing games were released, one for the GBA, one for the DS.  Both games have multiplayer features that work on their respective systems, but they also have features that are shared between the systems.  (eg. the DS owner could race with the GBA owner).

10- A third scre-- nah, two's just fine!  Now, last but most certainly not least:

a Flash Linker for the DS... is explanation really necessary?


Yes, that is my somewhat lengthy DS dream.  Some of it is kinda far-fetched, but, hey, the rules said not to limit fantasies!

Time for me to wake up,



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