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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Adam J Soltys [[email protected]]

NDS Thumb Thong ™

This is my entery for your dreaming competition
The Thumb strap - thumb thong - (name pending)

Since i got the Nintendo DS the one major pain i have found is that when using the thumb shoe i was limited to movement and adjustment due to the fact that the thumb shoe was attached to the wrist band which was not at great enough legnth to wrap around the system and play easily. not to mention the strap would never quite stay tight around my thumb.

hence my idea. 
the thumb strap/thumb thong is made with a stretchy elastic material which makes bending easy. 
it is fastened on the thumb using a velcro bond between 2 points on the strap.  (this could also be substituted with a mini belt like item .  but something must be there to be able to adjust the tightness so it is easily fitted on most sized thumbs.
once fastened the plastic shoe on the tip of the thumb can me moved up and down for compfort .. since some players like to play on the flat of their thumb.. and some like to play with the tip of their thumb.

NDS Thumb Thong


although the pic that is included with this email does describe the parts labled  A through G  i will go through a better discription
please excuse the crude model i quickly made.  i used matertials i had available to me to try and illustrate my idea.  and as you can probably tell the thumb shoe is painted on via photoshop.. so bare with me :)
A. - a frontal side view of the completed thumb thong.   the arrows illustrating that the shoe part would be able to be adjusted up and down to fit for compfort of the player
B. - a side view showing the same as A.
C, D, E - This shows various angles of the strap itself without the shoe attached.  - notice the velcro strap -  although this doesnt have to be velcro i can be substituted for something simular to a small pants belt like design.
F, G - show how the thumb thong would fasten onto the thumb
this should be a fairly cheap item to make and pretty durable if built properly. and would be perfect for games like metroid and mario.
Adam J Soltys
Elizabeth, NJ

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