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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Matthew Pearce [[email protected]]

NDS Portable Media Streamer.

Ever had a media file that was just too big to get onto your flash cart? Want a way to watch TV on the go without doubling the size of your system with a clunky TV tuner? Then you need the Portable Media Streamer!

This product will consist of two parts:
- Standard size Nintendo DS card with main program
- Standard size GBA cart containing RAM (for temporarily storing streamed content)
- PC software for sending media

Nintendo DS Portable Media StreamerTo use this product, you insert the carts into the DS and boot it in DS mode. You install the PC software and select a media directory. The Portable Media Streamer is now ready to use!

It uses the DS' WiFi capabilities to communicate with your PC via the internet and stream media. You can browse available media on the DS and select a video, music or picture file to view, or (if your PC has a TV tuner) to watch TV. The DS communicates wirelessly with your PC and streams the media you choose. If you select a prerecorded media file stored on your PC, the software will buffer media ahead of the current playing position in case you go out of range of a wireless hot spot so that it keeps playing until you are in range of a hot spot again.

The product comes in 3 versions:

Silver - 32 MB of RAM in GBA cart
Gold - 64 MB of RAM in GBA cart
Platinum - 128 MB of RAM in GBA cart

The different amounts of RAM alters how long the media can continue
playing when you leave a wireless hot spot.

So, in summary, here's how it works:

V [PC with special software - videos, pictures, music on hard drive and TV tuner plugged in]
V [Internet connection on PC]
V [Wireless hot spot near DS allows DS to access PC over internet]
V [Media buffered into RAM in GBA cart]
V [Software on NDS card reads buffered media and plays back]

Because of the way this is set up, the amount of media you have access to from your DS is limited only by the amount of space on your computer's hard drive.

Matthew Pearce
Auckland, New Zealand


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